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New To Attunements? Start Here

By Craig MacLennan June 06, 2019 2 min read

New To Attunements? Start Here

Welcome to Blissful Light and thank you for visiting. Blissful Light provides safe and effective attunements intending to support your healing, development and spiritual growth. Attunements can be confusing when you first start with them. However, if you understand a few essential points, you should be able to work with them in no time at all. To help accelerate your understanding of what attunements are, how they work etc. I have put together some blog posts that will walk you through what you need to know. If you are new to attunements, start here.

New To Attunements? Start Here

What Are Attunements?
What Are The Benefits Of Distant Attunements?
What Are Chi Ball Attunements?
Do Distant Attunements Work?
Are Attunements Permanent?
What Are The Differences Between An Attunement And A Treatment?
Are All Attunements Safe?
Energy Healing: Expectations Vs Reality
Ordering Attunements - What You Need To Know

Ready To Do An Attunement?

Once you have decided to try an attunement, the following information may be handy to know beforehand. It will give you an idea of what you will need to do and how you will activate and work with the energies.

Why Have An Attunement With Craig?
How To Accept Your Chi Ball Attunement
How To Activate Energies Following Your Chi Ball Attunement
How Do I Know If My Attunement Worked?
Recommended Time Between Accepting Multiple Attunements
How Long Do Chi Ball Attunements Last?

Recommended Attunements For Beginners

Sometimes the experience is more important than knowledge, so you might want to try our free self-attunements

The following attunements are perfect for anyone who is just starting with attunements as they are easy to understand and practice:

High Vibration Maintenance Attunement
Chakra Maintenance Attunement
Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement
Kundalini Seichim
Aura Maintenance Attunement
Grounding Maintenance Attunement
Blissful Light Seichim

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I wish you many discoveries on your attunement journey!


Craig MacLennan
Craig MacLennan

I'm Craig, founder of Blissful Light. Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for the latest energy healing, vitality, and well-being blog posts, products, and subscriber only specials. New to attunements? Start here.

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