Distant Attunements

Why Have A Distant Attunement With Craig?

Why Have A Distant Attunement With Craig?

Attunements are useful energy healing tools and are very popular. Due to their popularity, you must choose from a wide range of attunements and attunement providers.

It is important to be entirely comfortable with the person you choose to attune you. This is essential as your choice of attunement provider will impact the quality of the energies you receive, your spiritual progression and your ability to achieve your spiritual potential.

Not all attunements are created equal in their safety and integrity, including the attunement founders and attunement providers.

Why Have A Distant Attunement With Craig?

To assist you in making an informed choice, I wanted to mention some of the reasons why you should consider having a distant attunement with me.

Extensive Experience

I have been an energy healer for many years, gaining a wide range of experience.

This experience has allowed me to create some of the most cutting edge attunements, techniques, teachings and spiritual support currently available.

I only work with energies, practices and teachings that are safe, inclusive and of a high vibration.

Safe Advanced Attunements

I am very selective of the advanced attunements I create and only provide attunements that I think are the best.

I create all my attunements with safety, equality and empowerment built into their core.

Each attunement honours your uniqueness and incorporates the five essential qualities of energy healing.

High Standards

I am committed to the highest levels of spiritual care, support, training and attunement creation.

I pride myself on ensuring the website is fast, easy to use, and is safe and secure.

I provide all our attunements and spiritual support following our Code Of Ethics.

One To One Spiritual Training

You will receive dedicated, professional and knowledgeable spiritual support and training via email directly from me.

I am very experienced and encouraging.

All our attunements come with training, support, and encouragement during the completion of your attunement.

While I am not here to do the work for you, I will support you to the best of my abilities.

Manual Downloads

All attunement manuals come as digital downloads (PDF documents), so there is no delay in receiving your manuals following your purchase, and you can get started straight away.

The order and attunement process allows you to take as much time as you need to read the manual, ask any questions and work with your attunements.

No Start Or End Dates

I do not work along semester times, so you can start your attunement when you are ready.

There are also no deadlines to finish attunements, which means you can complete your attunement at your own pace.

Welcoming Environment

I provide all communications, training, and support in a welcoming and supportive environment.

I spend a lot of time focusing on ensuring you can work with your attunements in a safe and welcoming space.

Kindness, respect and integrity are essential to building a solid base for spiritual healing, growth and development.

It honours our uniqueness and the often intimate spiritual work we will do together.

For this reason, I do not work with someone who is intentionally rude, manipulative, trolling or unprofessional.

I very much look forward to working with you in the future.

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