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What Is A Pre-Attunement?

What Is A Pre-Attunement?

A pre-attunement is a spontaneous occurrence that may startle or surprise you when it happens. Pre-attunements are often felt strongly and accompanied by sudden realisations of strong knowing, learnings, energetic surges and spiritual clarity. Of course, they can also be gentle, soothing and very comforting. Pre-attunement experiences are as unique as you are. So what is a pre-attunement?

What Is A Pre-Attunement?

A pre-attunement is the spontaneous attunement or sudden receipt of energies from an attunement (What Are Attunements?). This is a spontaneous event and not planned or consciously controlled. Spirit and your higher self steps in at the right time and starts the attunement process. This will always be when it is safe to do so and when the time is perfect.

Often you may experience a pre-attunement when reading an attunement manual. You may feel surges of energy, your third eye might pulse, or the palms of your hands may heat up and tingle. This is a sign that you are pre-attuning to the energies. Your energy bodies are adjusting to the energies that you will attune yourself to as you gain an initial connection with these energies.

When you eventually attune yourself to the attunement you have pre-attuned to, you may find a strong familiarity with the energies, and the energies typically feel like spending time with an old friend.


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