Top Reiki Attunements

Top Reiki Attunements

Reiki attunements are among the most popular and recognisable modalities available in the energy healing community.

There are many hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of Reiki attunements and modalities available. This is in part due to the flexibility of the Reiki energies and their broad focus scope that the energies are suited.

As with any large group of attunements, it can be challenging to choose the modalities that stand out.

Top Reiki Attunements

Selecting an attunement or modality will always be a personal choice, and it is essential to follow your intuition.

For more details on making a good selection, you may be interested in the blog post How To Choose A Distant Attunement, which gives suggestions on things you may want to consider.

However, the following top Reiki attunements are the ones that I think stand out and constitute the best, depending on your requirements.

Best Reiki Attunements For Beginners: Blissful Light Reiki

Best Advanced Reiki Attunement: Niemakaiha Reiki

Best Reiki Enhancement: Reiki 999 Spiritual High Integration

Blissful Light Reiki

Blissful Light Reiki is very popular with clients. Blissful Light Reiki stands for everything Blissful Light stands for; it is inclusive, loving, supportive and honours your uniqueness. It gives an excellent grounding in energy healing, focusing on your personal and spiritual development.

Blissful Light Reiki breaks away from some of Reiki's more rigid and dogmatic forms. It does not include symbols, unnecessary and complicated procedures and practices and has a strong focus on pure and clean energies.

The lineage is short (me and you) and is structured over three levels, each with an attunement.

Blissful Light Reiki is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced practitioners.

Niemakaiha Reiki

Niemakaiha Reiki is advanced, focusing on accelerated spiritual development, evolution and expansion. It combines the advanced, spiritually accelerant energies of Niemakaiha and specific Reiki energies, which are dynamic, multidimensional and high vibration.

Despite its advanced energy combinations, Niemakaiha Reiki is easy to use and has no complicated procedures or symbols. Therefore, I recommend Niemkaiha Reiki if you are interested in furthering your accelerated spiritual development.

Reiki 999 Spiritual High Integration

The Reiki 999 Spiritual High Integration attunement is a High Integration Attunement that aims to integrate Reiki energies at the highest levels of your spiritual energies.

This allows more light to be held in your energies and energy bodies, better Reiki flow, energetic balance, etc. This aims to enhance your practice and develop more flexibility and spiritual awareness in your approach to working with Reiki energies.

I recommend this attunement to anyone who is already a Reiki practitioner (at any level) who wants to enhance their practice and flexibility.

Dynamic Advanced Reiki Connections Maintenance Attunement

The Dynamic Advanced Reiki Connections Maintenance Attunement is a Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunement which aims to provide an energetic connection to a dynamic range of advanced Reiki energies.

The advanced Reiki energies will always match your requirements each time you activate the energies. The energies are open-ended also, meaning that new functions may reveal themselves specifically for you over time.

I recommend considering working with this attunement if you want to include advanced energies in your energy healing practices or meditation.

Dynamic Usui Reiki Connections Maintenance Attunement

The Dynamic Usui Reiki Connections Maintenance Attunement aims to provide a dynamic, energetic connection specifically to the energies associated with Usui Reiki.

I recommend considering this attunement if you want to enhance your Usui Reiki practice or add the energies to any energy healing or spiritual practice.


The top Reiki attunements are the Reiki attunements and modalities that I think stand out above the rest for the reasons mentioned.

They all offer safe energies, short lineages (me and you) and have no symbols or complicated procedures.

I hope you enjoy the top Reiki attunement suggestions and wish you many discoveries and blessings.

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