What Is Niemakaiha Energy?

What Is Niemakaiha Energy?

Niemakaiha (pronounced Nie Ma Kai Ha) is an advanced powerful healing and accelerant energy that is multidimensional and interuniversal with a strong focus on advancing spiritual maturity, development and evolution.

Niemakaiha © is both an energy and energy healing modality or practice depending on how you use the word. The Niemakaiha attunements are advanced attunements.

Niemakaiha energy is a powerful interconnecting infinite energy source that permeates and inspires both through and between universes. For this reason, Niemakaiha energy is an important energy associated with and used by advanced benevolent light beings and star races. This is for a good reason. The energies aim to provide an extremely adaptable energy source, especially when focusing on rapid spiritual advancement, higher-level spiritual manifestation and accessing vast amounts of etheric universal wisdom and information.

Neimakaiha energy is multidimensional. This means that in addition to being interuniversal, the energies also connect through and between etheric dimensions. Multidimensional in respect to energy healing refers to different planes of existence that are on different energy ranges. When you work with Niemakaiha energy, there are no limits to the number of dimensions you can access; you can access all dimensions. The advantages of this allow the Niemakiaha energy to be very flexible and adaptable, further accelerating spiritual advancement.

An essential aspect of spiritual advancement is spiritual maturity. With time, spiritual maturity is gained by having many discoveries and changing (with a strong focus on spiritual aspects). When you mature spiritually, you will start to take a higher view (assisted by this energy's access to higher dimensions). Taking a more elevated view may help you better understand your true identity, stop playing low vibration games with other beings, and take more accountability for your spiritual actions. Your ego is one of the biggest hindrances to spiritual maturity.

Spiritual evolution is not something widely discussed in energy healing circles. Spiritual evolution entails spiritual maturity, growth, and development while gaining and maintaining an entirely new and higher way of being and viewing. Spiritual evolution is a unique and personal experience, with a focus on you and not others. It is the inner dynamic that compliments your being and allows for stronger accountability. You know not to give your power away and yet have enhanced compassion for all beings without the need to save and please others. You understand that all beings have a unique path.

As you continue to work with the Niemakaiha energy, you may also start to experience deep compassion for others, oneness, strengthen your astral travel skills, enhance strong and clear communications with benevolent light beings and other advanced spiritual skills.

History Of Niemakaiha

I first experienced Niemakaiha energy in 2013 in Krakow, Poland, during a sustained period of intensive spiritual acceleration, spending a lot of time in meditation and doing higher level shamanic journeying. I was not channelling any energy sources; I was exploring different aspects of spiritual discovery myself.

The discovery of Niemakiaha was instant, and the way I chose to structure the energy healing system came together almost as fast, like remembering a dream. I have been part of and worked with Niemakaiha energy in previous lives. This remembrance felt like completing that cycle and starting a new cycle of discovery in this new present incarnation and reality.

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