Blessing In The Storm Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement)

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You attune yourself to this free self attunement. There are full instructions in the manual.

The Blessing In The Storm Empowerment free self-attunement aims to energetically support you during challenging times.

It does this by aiming to remind you of your current blessings, take a wider view of your issue with new perspectives and focus on the interconnectivity of all beings.

While no doubt the challenges you face are difficult and require action, you may find that they also bring about new opportunities. When you take a broad view, you will see that these opportunities may not have been possible any other way.

The truth is you can't prevent challenges. Spiritual development requires friction or challenges. The silver lining, though, is that it allows you to deeply feel, explore, make changes and value the blessings you already have.

When you are grateful for your blessings, you bring in an enormous amount of divine love and light energies. These energies free you from unnecessary suffering. They help you focus less on yourself (I and me) and reposition your focus on interconnectivity (we and us).

Compassion and empathy strengthen when you become less focused on yourself and more on others. These extremely powerful energies lift your spirits and make any situation less challenging. You may feel more supported by the universe and fully feel that you are one with all. 

You can download the manual directly HERE (please ensure you understand and agree to the terms and requirements below). 

Or you can check out (you won't be charged for this attunement) if you want to add this free attunement to an existing order or want to experience our attunement order process. Once you check out (you will not be charged for this self-attunement), you will receive an email with a link to your digital download of the manual (PDF document).

You must follow the instructions provided in the manual to accept the attunement. You attune yourself to self-attunements. Your self-attunement has already been prepared and placed in the etheric realms for you to accept whenever you are ready. You do not need to request that your attunement be prepared.

No certificate and lineage are provided.

The Blessing In The Storm Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement) requirements:

  • If you are ill or unwell, you must first seek proper medical care.
  • Challenging times can be seen as everyday life's ups and downs. If you are experiencing significant challenges or trauma, feel vulnerable or unsafe or feel overwhelmed, you must seek medical care or professional assistance before considering energy healing. Energy healing is in no way a substitute for medical care and appropriate professional support.
  • There are no prerequisite knowledge requirements.
  • Understand that healing is a process that requires active participation.
  • An open heart and a commitment to your self-empowerment and growth.
  • Realistic expectations of what is possible.
  • Some quiet time to practice and take in the energy.
  • You understand and accept these requirements, order process, and terms.

Please consult our Help Centre or contact me for more information.

Why have a distant attunement with Craig?

Free Self-Attunement

High Vibration Energies

The Blessing In The Storm Empowerment (Free Self-Attunement) aims to provide energetic support and assist spiritual growth and development.

This self-attunement is safe, high-vibration, and easy to accept and use, making it an excellent addition to your energy healing practice.

New To Attunements? Start Here

New To Attunements? Start Here

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