What Does Healing Really Mean? Healing is a process that requires your active participation. Healing, in an energetic sense, aims to bring you back to your already whole self. It seeks to bring back your energies and energy bodies into alignment with your truth.

Healing is an active process, which requires your presence, participation, and commitment.

Healing is an active process, which requires your presence, participation, and commitment. It does not promise or allude to any immediate or possible healing in the sense of a miracle. Healing may require change, growth, and alignment both in your inner and outer worlds which may require considerable time, commitment and focus and still does not guarantee any outcome. Nothing outside of you can bring healing only your inner work and truth may be able to bring you back into alignment.

To do this, you may have to change how you think, act and react so you can be in alignment with your truth. As you live your life, you often stray from your truth in areas such as the jobs you do, relationships, where you live, what you believe and how you act. How many of you will be doing a job now that you know does not fulfill you like the job we want to do either won’t pay as much or be as glamorous - yet you know it will nurture us?

Healing Is Not A Passive Process

The healing process requires your willingness and active presence; it is not a passive process. You may have to change where you live, who you share their life with, where you work etc. You may need to ask some very intimate and direct questions about yourself. Questions that may be very uncomfortable and challenging. It is often through these challenges of moving forward and embarking on this path of realignment that life starts to be created by you and not merely lived and tolerated. You start to feel more vital, compassionate and whole.

Healing in an energy healing sense is about bringing yourself back into alignment with your truth. If you are unwell or suspect you may be ill, you must always seek proper medical diagnosis, care, and treatment before contemplating energy healing. Energy healing is never a replacement for proper medical care.

Kundalini Reiki Attunements

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