What Are Auric Attachments?

July 22, 2016 2 min read

What Are Auric Attachments?

While living your normal day-to-day life, you interact with people, places, animals, and objects. Energetically you may even interact with energy beings and partially experience different dimensions. Your aura is certainly kept busy! You can read more about the aura in Why Do You Have An Aura. Even though the aura is your natural energetic defence, it is still vulnerable to external energies and auric attachments.

Auric attachments are sometimes seen as hooks, barbs and sharp objects like knives and spears.

What Are Auric Attachments?

Any external energy that either gets stuck or is placed in your aura is an auric attachment. If you suffer a psychic attack, which is nothing more than receiving non-supportive energies directed at you both intentionally and unintentionally, it is possible to have objects placed in your aura.

Why Are Auric Attachments Often Perceived As Specific Shapes Or Objects?

Auric attachments are sometimes seen as hooks, barbs and sharp objects like knives and spears. Why are auric attachments often seen as these types of objects?

The object or perception of the attachment is a representation of the energy that it either is or what created it.

They may describe the intention behind the energy that was sent to you or the objects energetic function or consequences for you.

Some objects tend to be more common in certain types of external energy or intention. Hooks, for example, are often seen in psychic attacks where the attacker wants to deplete your energy or cause energetic harm through sudden reactions to you (lashing out).

Do Auric Attachments Have Functions?

Some auric attachments, called implants, may be able to monitor you energetically. In some extreme cases, they may even attempt to exert control over you. These implants also tend to change your auric layers optimal frequencies. People who have experienced very intense and vivid dreams of extraterrestrials have a higher chance of finding implants.

Irrespective of the type of attachment, they will ultimately reduce your ability to protect yourself and your overall vitality and wellbeing energetically. If you maintain a high vibration (10 Ways To Increase Your Vitality) and exercise good energy body hygiene (How To Read Your Aura), you should be able to keep your aura clear of any attachments.

Attunements may offer great energetic tools to keep your aura free of attachments. The Aura Maintenance Attunement aims to ensure your aura is free from attachments and is energetically well maintained.


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