What Is An Energy Healing Intention Statement?

What Is An Energy Healing Intention Statement?

Your intention directs energies used in energy healing. Even the most complex energy healing modalities that have multiple levels, symbols and elaborate rituals and practices are directed by intention. You use your intention to direct the energies.

Sometimes, especially when you are just starting energy healing, it can be daunting to know what you can do with the energies. The truth is that the sky is the limit, but energy healing intention statements make directing the energies easier.

What Is An Energy Healing Intention Statement?

Energy healing intention statements are short statements you say that direct the energies to achieve something specific. The energy healing intention statements are precise and get straight to the point to ensure that your intention is carried out. You can use any language you feel most comfortable in using.

As an example, you can activate the energies of the Chakra Maintenance Attunement to clear all your chakras of negative energies using the following intention statement:

'Chakra Maintenance Attunement ON!'

Energy healing intention statements have two main parts:

1 - What energies you want to accept or use

The energy healing intention statement will clearly state what attunement or energies you are going to connect with or activate. In the example above, you will be activating the energies of the Chakra Maintenance Attunement.

2 - What you want to achieve

Once you have established what energies you want to connect with, the second part of the intention statement directs what you want to achieve. Usually, this is specific and to the point. The simplest way to activate the energies is to say 'ON!'. In the example above the energies will activate and clear, heal and repair your chakras.

Energy healing intention statement uses

Energy healing intention statements generally cover three main areas:

1 - Accept Attunements

Energy healing intention statements are used to accept chi ball attunements. When you are ready to accept your attunement, you can use an intention statement to accept the attunement.

The intention statement is a way to set your intention to accept the attunement. It is a way to help focus your intention ensuring it is clear and precise.

2 - Activate Energies

Once you have accepted your attunement, you can then use energy healing intention statements to activate and direct what you want the energies to achieve. Of course, this will be specific to the energies you are working with, but the principle is the same for all energies.

3 - Pass On Attunements

You can also use energy healing intention statements to pass on attunements to others. This tends to take a little practice to build up confidence, but the energies will always follow what the intention statement directs and will work straight away.

Energy healing intention statements are beneficial and easy to use. However, your intention is more important than the exact wording you are using.

I must stress this, please don't become obsessed about using the exact wording or worry if it was correct or not. If you want to activate the energies, use your intention, and it will work perfectly.

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