How To Send A Distant Attunement

Attunements can be prepared and sent either in-person or via distance. Both types of attunement are just as effective as each other, and you should choose the kind that resonates with you the most, although I highly recommend trying both before making up your mind. If you have been working with and mastering an energy healing modality, system, or empowerment you may have been taught how to pass on attunements in person, however, may not have been trained how to do this via distance. You may have wondered how to send a distant attunement of the systems you are already attuned. This blog post aims to give you a simple, yet effective, way to show you how to send a distant attunement of any system you may already be attuned.

Attunements work on the understanding that we are all energy. With this in mind, I have found that the simplest and most effective way of sending distant attunements is by using intention. Intention helps ‘guide and direct’ energy and offers a powerful attunement application. The following steps aim to show you the process involved in sending a distant attunement using intention.

How To Send A Distant Attunement

1. Visualise the person who you want to attune in front of you.

2. Set the energies and what you want to achieve with a simple intention statement

‘I will attune [NAME OF ATTUNEE] with the energies of [NAME OF MODALITY] including all functions and symbols. When [NAME OF ATTUNEE] accepts the attunement the energies will flow for as long and strong as necessary in full alignment with [NAME OF ATTUNEE] highest good.’

3. Now activate the energies you will be attuning the attunee to and let them flow.

4. Once the energies are flowing strongly use your intention to attune the attunee to these energies by using an intention statement similar to the following: 

‘I now attune [NAME OF ATTUNEE] to these energies, the energies of [NAME OF MODALITY] including all functions and symbols.’

5. Let the energies flow for as long as you feel they are flowing.

6. Once you feel the attunement is coming to an end, then reaffirm the attunement by using an intention statement similar to the following: 

‘I confirm that I have attuned [NAME OF ATTUNEE] to the energies of [NAME OF MODALITY] including all functions and symbols. When [NAME OF ATTUNEE] accepts these energies they will flow for as long and strong as possible and will be divinely protected until accepted.’

7. Now you will release the attunement to the attunee by simply placing your hands together similar to receiving an offer and blowing over your hands. I like to use intention while doing this by sending love and thanksgiving.

8. Notify the attunee the attunement is ready. The attunee then can accept the attunement using an intention statement similar to the following: 

‘I will now receive the [NAME OF MODALITY] attunement from [YOUR NAME] now and ask that I will receive the strongest energies that I can handle.’

It is important to remember that there is no one correct way in passing an attunement via distance. Always use a way that feels right for you and the attunements you are sending. So if you are giving a distant attunement using symbols, then perhaps add the symbols by visualisation into the attunees aura or if the modality has multiple levels to prepare separate attunements for each level. If you use intention and set the intention correctly, you will never send the attunement incorrectly.

Experiment with variations and different ways until you find a style that suits you. Never be afraid to keep experimenting as ultimately you will keep growing and changing and so will the way you send distant attunements.

If you are looking for an attunement to help you create your own attunements, you may be interested in the Advanced Reiki attunement. 


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