What Is Intention?

What Is Intention?

We often hear of the word intention in the area of healing and self-development. However, what is intention? What does intention require to deliver the results we want? I like to define intention as follows:

Divine and eternal energy beings actively creating from the heart.

What is intention

Intention, as I see it, can be split into three parts. Each part is as important as the other;

1. Divine and eternal energy beings

In order to get the results we wish to manifest, it is important to do this from a place of remembrance of who we are. In the highest sense, we are divine, eternal and expansive energy beings. All too often we forget our true identities. If we create from this knowing the results will be greater. It also avoids controlling the outcome of the intention (if done from the ego) and allows the universe to deliver the manifestation in the best way possible.

2. Actively creating

This part of intention is a step that is often left out. Action is very important in achieving what you want to manifest. All too often intention is assumed as a passive process. A process where you ‘make a wish’ with thought and emotion and let the universe take care of it. The universe will provide for you in the best way for you, but you can’t just sit back and expect things to magically unfold. You must actively be part of the manifestation. As an example, if you wanted a new, bigger house, intention would not be enough. You would need to actively look for a house, ensure you do all you can to afford it etc. The universe will work with your action and provide in the best way possible for you.

3. From the heart

Intention is not left brain thought. If intention is created by left brain thought it is then an illusion created by your ego. In order to ensure you are not creating from your ego, intention must come from the heart. The heart is part of the right brain consciousness. This is the consciousness that remembers your true divine and eternal self. Intention and the resultant manifestation will always be in alignment if coming from the heart. This is because it is not being controlled by the ego.

When manifesting using these three key parts of intention, you avoid confusing intention with ego based thought. Thoughts that seeks to control an outcome, rather than allowing the universe to provide perfectly alongside your active participation. I know which one I would choose.


Craig MacLennan
Craig MacLennan

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