What Is Intention?

What Is Intention?

Intention is probably one of the most essential parts of healing, abundance, manifestation, personal and spiritual development. Your intention is a large determinator of any success or failure you experience.

Intention is the blueprint of your experiences and the reality you create. The right intention and, more importantly, being aware of the intentions you are setting, is essential, but what is intention?

What is intention?

At a fundamental level, your intention is focusing your mind (thought) and taking action to achieve what you want, with heartfelt emotion and appropriate expectations.

Let's break down intention into four essential aspects. Each aspect is as important as the others, and all are required for positive and productive intention.

1. Focused Thought

Focused thought is clear and specific. It is not based on what ifs or fantasy. It is not based on your needs, but rather what you want. When you want something, it sets a powerful intention. Clear and specific thought takes action and energy, which is an essential aspect of intention we will cover in section 4 below.

2. Heartfelt Emotion

Heartfelt emotion is when you feel the emotion associated with your clear and specific thought profoundly and sincerely. The heartfelt aspect means the emotional energy is coming from the heart chakra or heart space. This is essential as the energies that flow from the heart chakra are about aspiration, reaching out to the divine, forgiveness and love for yourself and others. These energies are potent and carried with the energies of your focused thought. Think about this for a moment and see how heartfelt emotion turbocharges your intention!

Also, it is essential to mention that heartfelt emotion removes the ego. Without heartfelt emotion, your focused thought might be based on ego and non-serving wants, which will not positively deliver your intentions. The ego seeks to control an outcome, which will limit your intention.

3. Appropriate Expectations

When you are thinking about what you want (being clear and specific), it is essential that you have appropriate expectations. If your expectations are not balanced or based in reality, it is doubtful you will set a positive intention that provides what you want. An expectation is in itself a potent intention, so if it is not realistic or possible, that is what you will create. The truth is that life has its ups and downs. You will have good times and bad times; you can't expect to set an intention that life is perfect - this is not an appropriate expectation.

Also, you must be realistic about setting time frames. It is not an appropriate expectation to expect that you gain what you want in a day, a week etc. Timing is in the hands of the universe, guided by the action you take.

4. Action

Intention without taking action is wishful thinking or fantasising. Fantasising about something may feel great, but it does not create it. Action is a crucial aspect of intention because it amplifies the intention and puts it into motion. It is like striking a match, that then ignites a fire. If you do not strike the match, you will not have fire. The action you take allows the universe to provide ways to create your intention.

Action is also not a one-off event. Action is a process, and you must keep taking action until your intention is achieved.

If you have not been successful in manifesting what you want, then try and re-examine your intention. Sometimes double checking to ensure your intentions are correctly created can bring the results you desire.

Negative Intentions Clearing Maintenance Attunements

I created the Negative Intentions Clearing Maintenance Attunement to assist you in working with this understanding of intention so you are able to remove any energies or consequences related to negative intentions. This attunement aims to help in removing negative intentions you place on yourself, you place on others and what others place on you.

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