How I Healed My Life By Increasing My Vitality And Wellbeing

 Craig MacLennan

Hello and welcome, I’m Craig MacLennan, founder of

I wanted to share my back story with you and how I brought healing, vitality, and wellbeing to my life.

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The early years

I was a happy baby. A very happy baby by all accounts. My mum tells me that I was always smiling and laughing. I was also a very curious child and would ask questions constantly. I would never be satisfied with just being told, I always had to experiment and find out for myself. I have always been extremely fascinated and drawn to animals, plants, and anything in the environment. This meant that starting from a very early age I would collect and take care of all sorts of creatures and plants I would find in the garden. More often than not they would end up in bottles and containers next to my bed. I loved caring for my creatures. I would build elaborate housing for them and at one point this included my whole bedroom much to the horror of my mum! She was not fond of reptiles so you can imagine her shock to discover I was keeping a gecko in my room. I had managed to conceal this fact for a few months. In my mind it was a perfect partnership, the gecko ate the mosquitoes and I got to admire and provide shelter for the gecko. My mum did not see it this way!

I was very fortunate to have had the experience of travelling and moving countries as a child. As a family, we did this several times. This certainly opened my eyes to different cultures and how simple perceptions can change how we view the things in front of you. Whilst living in Scotland my family become very religious (they had not been before this). I loved it initially. I was a curious boy so would ask lots of questions and pretty much do what I was told once I received a satisfactory answer.

It was around this time, age 9, that my life changed forever. It would be the events of the next few years that would show me that you can recover and be stronger than ever from anything that breaks you down. It gave me the opportunity to grow, heal and discover. Ultimately it was the catalyst that allows me to share with you today about how you can achieve your self-development goals and increase your vitality and wellbeing. I experienced what it is to be systematically broken down mentally, emotionally and spiritually from a very early age. When the emotional and mental abuse started it was initially very subtle but within a few months, it started to become very damaging. We were living a lie. At home, I was systematically broken down whilst at church, we were the family that was very present and at the forefront of the congregation. This scenario and abuse continued for years. It is with hindsight and much growth and healing that I can see how psychopathic the treatment was. I don’t use this word flippantly. It is my understanding and experience that we suffered at the hands of a person who demonstrated many psychopathic tendencies. I am not sure how we managed to survive these years of systematic and calculated abuse and indeed escape being physically harmed.

Leaving home and spiral of decreased vitality

I experienced what it was to feel cut off energetically and spiritually. Coupled with extremely challenging situations and household environments I soon become energetically depleted suffering depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. These energetic drains continued for many years until as a young adult I left home. I found myself not knowing who I was or what I wanted. I was emotionally and spiritually cut off. I just wanted to survive and escape my childhood. I found myself pushing forward with a career that brought me no joy, just lots of distractions and more energetic drains. I was unable to form and maintain relationships and I became more and more cut off from being able to enjoy life. I created a life that sought emotional connection, but could ultimately never provide this. I started to live a champagne London lifestyle where I was out partying all the time and mixing with people I thought would be able to bring me fulfilment. I started to rack up huge debts and before long I had debts of nearly £20,000.

As this draining spiral deepened I became more physically frail resulting in significant and debilitating illness. Unable to fully function I lost my friends, relationships and things that I had previously identified myself with. I spent the last of my energy grasping onto the last thing I was able to hold onto, my career. I was working for News International during their toxic and turbulent legal enquiries. It became clearer to me that I had consistently chosen situations and things in my life that perpetuated being energetically drained. I had chosen my career and it was my choice to work for them during this time, despite my frail health.

I was the main cause of my low vitality

I was at near breaking point when I took a step back and looked at where my energy was going, who was taking it, who I was giving it to and where I was receiving my energy from. I was startled! The more I questioned the more I realised that in addition to the obvious sources much of my energetic drain was coming from me! My unforgiveness, subconscious programs and the labels I identified myself with were actually the main drains on my vitality. The debt that I had created was a huge energetic drain on me and a source of constant concern. Even more scarily I realised that the systems we live in, the boxes we put ourselves (What Box Are You In?) in and the limitations and possibilities that we are told are possible are also linked to how vital we feel.

I had a lot of changes to make!

I realised that in order to have better options I needed to pay off my debt. This took a lot of hard work and commitment. I entered into a debt payment plan and started to take back control of my life but also, more importantly, the flow of energy around me. I spent much time thinking about what I loved doing as a young child. I was always very happy and smiley. I loved animals and was very intuitive. I had been practicing energy healing for many years and knew that this type of path was far more nurturing for me than a corporate job. I knew that the first thing I needed to do was to leave News International as the damaging energetics of this organisation had serious consequences on my vitality. At this time, I paid off the last remaining amount of my debt (HOORAY!!!) and knew I was now free to make effective decisions. Without a job to go to I resigned. My doctor signed me off for the remainder of my 3 month notice period in which time I cut energetic cords with the organisation and rebuilt my strength.

My next step was to deprogram who I thought I was and what labels I used and to take myself out of my restrictive box that tried to define me and tell me what was possible. I knew I needed to remove all these illusions. I realised that I did not have to be in London. I spent time thinking of places in the world I had always wanted to live in but never thought possible due to fears and other restrictions. I put together a list of countries and decided that I would start in a beautiful white washed village in rural Andalucia, Spain. This had always been a dream of mine so I faced the fear, packed up my life, cats, and partner and moved to rural Andalucia! I had removed myself from my life that had defined me as unwell, exhausted, career driven etc. I spent a few very happy months in the sun and fresh air really questioning who I was and what I wanted. The journey did not end there, though. We travelled throughout Europe before settling back again in the UK, although the journey very much continues.

Remember your true divine and eternal self

When we remember that we are divine, eternal, expansive energy beings life becomes so much easier. We no longer get bogged down in the illusional traps of everyday life. We are already whole and perfect and any perceived failure is, in fact, a success as we are doing what our calling is, discovering our lives. No one born before or in the future will ever have the same perceptions and experiences as you. No one will ever be able to discover your life, only you. This is why our purpose here on earth is so important. It is also why your vitality is possibly the most valuable thing in this world as, without it, you will never be able to fully discover. Guard your vitality. Never give it away and vigilantly determine where you give it and what takes it. Remember your true nature and never put yourself in a box or be told what is possible in life. There are no limits!

I am so grateful for all my experiences as they have shaped me and helped me fulfil my life path so far, discovering who I really am – a divine, eternal energy being who is here to question, discover and grow. This is possible for everyone! Join me in remembering who you are, reclaiming your vitality and removing the boxes and imposed possibilities from your life. Accept nothing less than exuberant health, vitality and wellbeing as you fulfil your destiny to discover your world.