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Top Etheric Cord Cutting Attunements

Top Etheric Cord Cutting Attunements

Learning to cut and clear negative etheric cords regularly is a very handy and essential energy healing practice. Etheric cords connect you with other people, places, and things. While most etheric cords are positive, some may become negative or non-serving. Often when you feel drained or unable to move forward, it is due to an energetic drain caused by an etheric cord. The following top etheric cord cutting attunements to help you cut etheric cords aim to teach you how to energetically remove etheric cords, with each attunement offering a slightly different view or approach.

Top Etheric Cord Cutting Attunements

Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement

The Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement aims to offer a complete set of tools (7 tools in total) to help you cut, repair and seel cords. Also, there is a function to help boost inner strength (important for remaining cord-free) and an advanced tool to clear interdimensional etheric cords. The Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunements offers a great selection of tools for etheric cord cutting aimed at complete beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Arcturian Cords Of Attachment Removal Maintenance Attunement

The Arcturian Cords Of Attachment Removal Maintenance Attunement aims to connect you with the benevolent Arcturians to assist you in the removal of negative etheric cords. These high vibration beings also aim to assist you in understaing the reasons why the non-serving cords were there and to learn any spiritual leasons in order to gain moments of enlightenment.

Etheric Cord Safeguard Dynamic Empowerment

The Etheric Cord Safeguard Dynamic Empowerment attunement aims to protect and safeguard healthy positive etheric cords. This is done with the aim of boosting energetic protection and strength of the etheric cords. This simple attunement is a wonderful addition to daily energy healing practices.

Ancestral Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Ancestral Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to clear non-serving energies from your ancestral connections. This includes and etheric cords that may be holding you back or preventing you from moving forward from your ancestors.

Family Healing Maintenance Attunement 

The Family Healing Maintenance Attunement aims to heal problematic energies associated with your family. This may include the cutting of cords that are non-serving. It must stress that positive and healthy etheric cords are not removed; they are strengthened and healed.

Chakra Maintenance Attunement

The Chakra Maintenance Attunement aims to clear, repair and heal your chakras. This includes the removal of negative etheric cords that may have connected into a chakra. Chakras are often the location of where etheric cords such as the heart chakra. You can use this attunement to cut negative etheric cords attached at any chakra.

As a special mention, you may want to consider the Etheric Cord Safeguard Dynamic Empowerment. While this attunement doe snot cut etheric cords, it aims to safeguard positive etheric cords and ensure they are high vibration and protected.

I hope that these top etheric cord cutting attunements to help you cut etheric cords gives you a good selection of some of the best cord-cutting attunements currently available. You can find more distant attunements and energy healing treatments that help cut, remove and seal negative etheric cords in our etheric cord cutting collection.


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