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How To Energetically Prepare For Thanksgiving

How To Energetically Prepare For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a beautiful day to spend with loved ones and give thanks for your life. Even though I am not American, I like to spend time giving thanks for all the many blessings and even challenges, in my life. There is something very special about giving heartfelt thanks to the universe. It strengthens bonds and reminds us what being one with all means. Spiritual aspects aside, Thanksgiving involves typically meeting up with loved ones, spending time in each other's company, eating together etc. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, there is often a lot to think about and coordinate. How can you energetically prepare for Thanksgiving?

How To Energetically Prepare For Thanksgiving

Ideally, you want to energetically prepare with as little fuss as possible (you have lots to do anyway), so start the process a few weeks or days beforehand.

Set Your Intention

In the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving, set the intention of the day. Spend some time thinking about what Thanksgiving means to you. How would you like to express it? What are the things in life that you are thankful for? As you go about planning the day think about these questions and with heartfelt intention infuse your gratitude in all the planning, food, table, house etc. Imagine the energies are expansive, inclusive and pure. Extend this intention from your environment and move it out to the farmers, stores, store staff and anyone who was involved in the creation and delivery of the food you will be consuming. Most of all send this energy to the food itself.

Energetically Clear Your Environment

A day or two before Thanksgiving, smudge your whole house and around the perimeter of your property. Intend that you are clearing a beautiful sacred space where you can express your gratitude and love to the universe, friends and family. Intend that your property is surrounded by a protective shield that allows positive and nurturing energies in and out but does not allow negative energies in. When guests arrive on Thanksgiving, any non-serving energies will be cleared as they enter your sacred space of thanksgiving. It is best to do this a day or so before Thanksgiving as this will allow the smell of the smudging to dissipate unless, of course, you like the scent. There are plenty of other ways to energetically clear energies from your environment, and you should do what feels best for you. However, smudging a day or so before Thanksgiving is probably the simplest and most effective way of achieving this. You may find that attunements, such as the Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement may be of benefit.

Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration means to clear any non-serving energies from within yourself and replace it with the high vibrations of love. This can be quite tricky when dealing with family as often deep emotions, and unforgiveness may be present. Try and spend some time exploring any non-serving emotions and look for ways to release these and work on forgiveness (Forgiveness And The Thymus Chakra). The more you do this and raise your vibration; it becomes more difficult for denser non-serving energies to be and activate in your presence. Attunements may also be beneficial in trying to raise your vibration.

Let Go Of Control

We all love a great dinner and time with our loved ones. However, if you are wanting perfection or want people to act and behave in a certain way to match what you want, you may be limiting someone's expression of gratitude on Thanksgiving. Planning is essential, especially while setting your intention, but ensure you don’t force your energies and expectations on others. Try and allow enough room for personal expressions of thanksgiving. There is no such thing as perfection, so don’t get consumed by what is not possible which only leads to disappointment. Above all, enjoy the precious time with your loved ones.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am grateful for being able to work with and sharing this journey with you.


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