I am not sure why the Thymus Chakra is not better known or indeed included in the main chakras. The Thymus Chakra, in my opinion, is a chakra that deserves a much closer look. It is associated with, amongst others, compassion (for yourself), immunity and forgiveness. It is a chakra that is intricately linked to your wellbeing and overall vitality. Forgiveness and the Thymus Chakra, in particular, is an important aspect often overlooked. The benefits of working with this chakra are so great I include it in all the treatments I give myself.

You need compassion for self in order to forgive.

The Thymus Chakra is located near (slightly above) the thymus gland located roughly between the heart and throat chakras (What are chakras?). Working with the Thymus Chakra may help with forgiveness and is strongly associated with compassion for self. This strong association is an indication of why forgiving oneself is very important as the two are linked very closely. You need compassion for yourself to forgive. To strengthen self-compassion, you must forgive. In many ways, it is the chicken and the egg story. Which comes first? You can’t have one without the other.

When we hold on to the past (energies, hurts, past actions etc.), we prevent ourselves from moving forward. We are binding ourselves to past events, situations, and people. We end up dragging them with us which is very detrimental to our wellbeing and vitality. It energetically drains us and may even create subconscious programs (ego) that further drain us and keep us from moving forward. Imagine a life where we do not feel bound to a past event or situation? Life really would be so much easier!

Forgiveness And The Thymus Chakra Exercise

Working with the Thymus Chakra can be done very quickly through intention and visualisation. Visualisation in this instance can be extended to any or all of your sense. You do not need to ‘see’ to do the following exercise.

I like to do this exercise after any form of meditation. This is because you tend to be relaxed and in a more receptive mood for self-compassion. Lay down on your bed, preferably on your back. Take a few deep breaths and bring your present awareness (no thought or judgment) to your Thymus Chakra (roughly between your throat and heart chakras).

Connect with the chakra. Sense the chakra using as many senses as you can. Is it warm? Is it spinning? Can you see it? Feel it? Spend a little while in a state of present awareness on the chakra. Now use your intention to expand the chakra. Visualise the chakra getting larger and start to glow brightly from the inside out. Feel warm pulses of compassion flow over you. If you feel any emotions come up don’t focus on them, rather acknowledge them and release them. Your awareness should be on the Thymus Chakra. Remind yourself that you are loved and taken care of. Forgive yourself for being hard on yourself and feel waves of compassion wash away any unforgiveness.

Stay in this state for as long as you feel necessary. When finished allow the sensations to subside and bring your awareness back to your thoughts. Give thanks and be kind to yourself.

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