What Is The Ego And What Does It Do?

What Is The Ego And What Does It Do?

Our egos are constructs of our unbelievably complex and beautiful brains. It is created in the left hemisphere of our brain and forms an important part of our left brain consciousness. It is our ego that gives us our sense of self through conscious thought. It is driven by thought, lots, and lots of thought. It thinks, plans and strategises to keep us safe and is an extremely important part of our mind. It separates us and our identity from the world around us.

Anything we observe is a projection our ego has created based on past thoughts. It is a reality we have created

With time, the ego builds up a picture of who we are, what we like, what we don’t like etc. based on past thoughts and experiences. This is why we are unique beings as no one will ever have the same experiences and thoughts. No one will ever see the same thing in exactly the same way.

Possibly the most interesting thing about the ego is that we create it and that it presents our realities to us depending on our previous stories or experiences. The actual object or situation we observe is not the object or situation that it really is, but rather a projection our ego has created based on past thoughts. This includes how we perceive ourselves. It is not our true self or reality. 7 Signs The Ego Is Creating Your Reality.

When problems arise with the ego

Problems can arise when we believe that we are our thoughts. This is in part due to extreme programs the ego creates over our lifetime through over thinking. We believe the stories we have created in order to keep us safe. Often these stories do not reflect reality and cause us to react in ways that only serve us, or our sense of self. Controlling thoughts start to become more and more defensive. This, in turn, allows fear based mentalities to creep in and we become even more self-focused and centered.

We are not our thoughts. They are projections presented to us by our egos. This means we do not have to be slaves to our thoughts and realities in front of us. Change your thoughts and your reality changes. What will you create?


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