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Best Advanced Attunements

Best Advanced Attunements

Advanced attunements stand out for their energies, connections, potential depth, teachings and structure. The following are the best advanced attunements I recommend considering if you are ready for potential subsequent spiritual and personal discovery steps forward.

While they will all require time to work with, with an open heart, you should find that they reveal many new potential spiritual learnings and discoveries.

Furthermore, you may gain significant spiritual advancement and development by working with the discoveries.

Best Advanced Attunements

I have selected the best advanced attunements from wide-ranging topics to give the best possible advanced attunement selection.

All the best advanced attunements are worth considering as they aim to take significant steps forward, which may benefit your spiritual evolution, no matter the discoveries.

Advanced attunements aim to bring about significant discoveries. This means that the topic area is often irrelevant if you learn from every experience.


The Niemakaiha attunements are arguably one of the most advanced energy healing systems currently available. It aims to give structure and practice to working with Niemakaiha energies, which is significantly advanced spiritually accelerant energy.

I highly recommend Niemakiaha to anyone on an advanced spiritual path. Especially anyone who is ready for the next steps and spiritual evolution. Niemakaiha has three levels, each with an attunement.

Arcturian Spiritual DNA Healing Niemakaiha

The Arcturian Spiritual DNA Healing Niemakaiha attunement aims to combine the energies of Niemakaiha with that of the Arcturians for spiritual DNA healing.

Spiritual DNA healing aims to bring about profound spiritual realignment while boosting spiritual development, maturity and evolution.

I recommend this attunement if you have done a lot of spiritual work but feel like you still have steps to take to get to the next level on your spiritual journey.

Aurum Niemakaiha

While many advanced attunements focus on spiritual development, the Aurum Niemakaiha attunement does this to boost, uplift and support.

These wonderfully nurturing energies aim to bring about energetic purification and rejuvenation while you move forward on your spiritual path. Gaining spiritual discoveries is not always easy, and the Aurum Niemakaiha attunement may assist in supporting the process.

I recommend Aurum Niemakaiha to anyone looking to boost their spiritual self-reliance and discoveries with nurturing and supportive energy.

Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement

Another popular attunement, the advanced Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement, aims to help clear magic and spells. It also seeks to restore any energetic imbalance and damage caused by magic spells, including your environment.

The energies work with two of the most powerful Archangels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raguel.

I recommend the Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement to anyone wanting to clear magic or spells but is spiritually mature enough to work with the discoveries and not play energetic games or counterattack others.

Arcturian Spiritual Money Healing Niemakaiha

Arcturian Spiritual Money Healing Niemakaiha is another advanced attunement that works with Arctuarian and Niemakaiha energies. This attunement aims to work with the energies associated with spiritual money.

Spiritual money is more than just money; it extends far into spiritual manifestation and advancement. You may be challenged to review your shadow self and make changes to be in the flow of manifestation.

I recommend this attunement if you want to take your manifestation work to the next level.

Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement is another popular attunement that aims to provide energetic tools to clear blockages. The attunement has functions for specific types of energetic blockages; however, it can be used generally for any energetic blockages.

It is adaptable and often used before energy healing treatments to optimally ensure energy flow.

I recommend the Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement to anyone looking for an adaptable energy clearing attunement.

Arcturian Spiritual Auric Ascension Healing Niemakaiha

Arcturian Spiritual Auric Ascension Healing Niemakaiha is an advanced attunement that takes a specific view of auric ascension.

Auric ascension is the development of a high vibration aura that may be able to read and be aware of energies even before they enter your aura. This may significantly boost your energetic protection, spiritual awareness, psychic development, and enlightenment.

I recommend the Arcturian Spiritual Auric Ascension Healing Niemakaiha attunement to anyone who wants to develop their spiritual senses to a new level in a safe and advanced way.

Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement

The beautiful Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement aims to work with the universal divine whole for spiritual development, unity, equality and oneness. Therefore, the energies are incredibly loving, supportive and nurturing.

Working with these energies, you may expand your spiritual awareness, palpably experience oneness and reduce fear-based energies. In addition, with time, you may expand and develop new spiritual perspectives on the things you thought you once knew, enhancing your development.

I recommend this attunement if you want to experience oneness and enhance your spiritual development and creativity.

Sacred Etheric Flower Of Life Connection Maintenance Attunement

The Sacred Etheric Flower Of Life Connection Maintenance Attunement works with the energies associated with the Flower Of Life symbol. It aims to assist in restoring, realigning and harmonising your energies.

This advanced attunement has many different uses, including assistance with astral travel and space clearing your environment. In addition, the energies are extremely adaptable, making it a good choice for anyone who wants an advanced attunement that is flexible in its application or likes to work with sacred geometry energies.

Psychic Attack Protection Maintenance Attunement

The Psychic Attack Protection Maintenance Attunement takes an advanced approach to psychic attack. It is intended for advanced practitioners who do not play spiritual games or attack others but are focused on spiritually mature approaches to their spiritual journey.

The energies of this attunement aim to stop, prevent and restore any damage caused by a psychic attack.

The attunement is advanced primarily due to its approach, as it takes a broad view of the psychic attack rather than the attacker. In addition to psychic attack protection, it may also be helpful for developing spiritual maturity.

I recommend this attunement to anyone who has a significant energy healing experience.

Dynamic Advanced Healing Connections Maintenance Attunement

The Dynamic Advanced Healing Connections Maintenance Attunement aims to provide access to advanced dynamic energy connections for any energy healing practice.

Dynamic Connections Maintenance Attunements are advanced attunements, as they aim to provide dynamic energies with a very adaptable approach to activating the energies.

I recommend considering the Dynamic Advanced Healing Connections Maintenance Attunement to anyone who wants to expand and enhance their current energy healing practices.

Spiritual Awakening 999 Spiritual High Integration

The Spiritual Awakening 999 Spiritual High Integration attunement aims to integrate your spiritual energies with the energies of 999 frequency and spiritual awakening at the highest levels.

This attunement aims to enhance and also ensure a balanced spiritual awakening. This is essential to maintain consistent spiritual awakening, which may enhance spiritual development and progress.

When you work with spiritual awakening in such a profound manner, you may be better able to discover and integrate any insights quicker and more profoundly.


Most advanced attunements I create do not have specific prerequisites other than a significant energy healing experience. I do this intentionally to not limit anyone from being able to work with the advanced attunements based on specific requirements.

However, if you feel you have the experience that matches the focus of the attunement and are open to all experiences, then you should consider the attunement.

If you are focused on advanced spiritual development, you should consider working with custom Potential Attunements. Custom Potential Attunements are safe and offer an advanced method of accepting attunements.

I hope you enjoy these suggested best advanced attunements and wish you many discoveries and advancements on your spiritual path.

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