Top 10 Tarot Decks

Tarot and the collecting of tarot decks have become extremely popular over the past few years. There are now hundreds if not thousands of different types of tarot decks available to choose from that suit you perfectly. But with so many tarot decks to choose from, where do you start?! My updated top 10 tarot decks list comprises of the tarot decks that I think are the very best currently available. 

I selected the top 10 tarot decks on Amazon (updated) by taking into account the artwork and the reliability and accuracy of providing readings. 

Top 10 Tarot Decks

    1. Enchanted Tarot (25th Anniversary Edition)

    The Enchanted Tarot * is a very subtle and mystical collage styled deck. The images have been created by using various quilting techniques and paper cut-outs. This is not a new deck, as it first had been printed in the early 90’s. However this edition is much clearer than the original, with larger printing of artwork and better refined detail. This deck is very gentle and would be suitable for a beginner or someone who loves a little bit of a bohemian/ art nouveau, antique styled deck with lots of colour.

    2. The Star Tarot

          The Star Tarot * is a deck that is filled with incredible artwork that a lot of tarot lovers will be drawn to. These cards are very intuitive to use and have a very mystical/magical look and feel that a lot of people will appreciate. This is a perfect deck for spiritual journeying and deep inner work but also for working with nature and crystals.

          3. Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

          The Golden Art Nouveau Tarot * by Giulia Massaglia is a new take on the well known Smith-Waite Tarot deck. It is one of the prettiest Smith-Waite deck clones to come out in a very long time. A lot of the original symbolism is there with a beautiful gold leaf feel background and Art Nouveau border. This is a great deck to add to your collection. It is a very good beginner deck. 

          4. Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck

          The Centennial edition of the Smith-Waite Tarot * is, in my opinion, one of the best reproductions of the original prototype of this deck from 1909. This is also the most widely circulated tarot deck worldwide. The images are simple, yet they encompass all the symbolism of the tarot. This is one of the first tarot decks that had imagery on the Minor Arcana and thus making the tarot more accessible to the masses. That is why this is both a great beginner deck but also one that can be effectively used by advanced tarot readers. Most editions of the Waite-Smith Tarot that are currently available have been in some way or another redrawn or recoloured. That is why this edition is highly recommended as it’s the closest to its original form drawn and coloured by Pamela Colman Smith.

          5. The Medieval Scapini Tarot

          The Medieval Scapini Tarot * is a little bit unusual as a lot of its imagery brakes away from the typical meanings of the tarot. Most cards are rich with traditional symbolism and at the same time have many new meanings. Scapini has based his deck on the Visconti - Sforza Tarot which is one of the oldest decks known in existence. Due to there being so much detail on every card this is definitely in my opinion not a beginners deck as it may become quite confusing for anyone that is new to the Tarot. However, there is a very good commentary on the symbolism of this deck by Ronald Decker called: The Art and Arcana - Commentary on the Medieval Scapini Tarot *.

          6. Morgan Greer Tarot

          The Morgan Greer Tarot * follows the Rider-Waite system. It is a 1970’s deck that has images shown close-up, with clarity and in rich vibrant colour. This is a very simple deck that is perfect for beginners, advanced readers and intuitive readers. You can currently buy a standard version of this deck but also a smaller version in a lovely tin.

          7. The Wild Unknown Tarot

          The Wild Unknown Tarot * has been around for only a few years, but it has already become one of my all time favourites and will definitely become a classic in years to come. The reason why this deck is so special is that it has no people in any of the imagery but rather uses beautifully stencilled depictions of various animals with a very earthy and grounding feel. For that reason, this may not be such a good beginner deck, but you can very quickly get accustomed to the meaning of the various animals. However, this is a great deck for nature lovers but also for those that are interested in power animals and shamanism.

          8. The Vision Quest Tarot

          The Vision Quest Tarot * is a deck that has a Native American theme and can be effectively used for spiritual and shamanic work. The images are very softly painted with watercolours which bring with it a very soothing feel to the deck. This again may not be a good beginner deck if you are interested in traditional tarot. However, it can be a great deck for those that may be a little bit afraid of using the tarot or are put off by some of the traditional imagery.

          9. The Mystical Cats Tarot

          If you are a cat lover, then The Mystical Cats Tarot * is probably the most beautiful cat tarot out there. It has been painted with various herbs and minerals making it that extra special. This is a great deck for reading for your pets or if you want to find out how your pet is feeling or what is your pet trying to communicate.

          10. The Pierre Madenié Marseille Tarot

          The Pierre Madenie Marseille Tarot * is one of the most beautiful and best preserved Marseille type decks. The Marseille Tarots may appear simple in design and form, but they possess so much hidden meaning and geometry that at first glance may not be apparent to the naked eye. In many ways, these are the decks that are genius in their simple design, and yet they possess so much meaning. If you are looking for a deck that can offer you very accurate readings and tell you how things really are then this is surely one of them. However, this may not be a great deck for everyone as a lot of the Minor Arcana cards have no imagery but rather a simple depiction of either the Swords, Wands, Pentacles or Cups.

          I know that this is a top 10 tarot decks list, however I would like to mention the following tarot deck as a special mention. It is a great tarot deck that I could not leave off the list.

          The Druid Craft Tarot

          The Druid Craft Tarot * is a deck that is based on the Smith-Waite meanings but additionally uses a lot of Druidic and Celtic symbolism in its imagery. This could be a good beginner deck. It is very nicely drawn, and each card tells a story that is quite easy to understand even for a novice tarot reader.

          Additionally you may find the following decks interesting: Tarot of The Ages, Tarot Mucha * and Ethereal Visions Tarot *.

          I hope that this blog post helps give you ideas of tarot decks to consider. If you would like further ideas, please check out the following  tarot decks available on Amazon *.

          Recommended Shamanic Oracle Decks.

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