How To Choose A Tarot Deck

How To Choose A Tarot Deck

If you are new to tarot, choosing your first tarot deck may seem daunting. In this blog post, I’d like to show you how to choose a tarot deck and what criteria to consider. I hope you find this information useful in your search for the perfect tarot deck, especially if you are choosing your first tarot deck. This post contains Amazon affiliate links - please read our Disclaimer below.

How To Choose A Tarot Deck

Before we look into the different criteria that I always find useful, I’d like to mention what are the best beginner tarot decks. I think that the best beginner decks are those that are simple in imagery without too much distraction and created with specific esoteric knowledge. What I have found is that the best starter deck is the most common deck, the Centennial Edition Of The Pamela Colman Smith Tarot *, also known as the Rider-Waite *. Most information that you can find about tarot, whether through books or the internet is be based on this deck, making it a lot easier to understand for beginners.

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Appearance Of The Tarot Deck

The way a tarot deck looks can be very deceptive and shouldn’t be your primary criteria when choosing a tarot deck. What I have found is that there are hundreds of tarot decks out there that are just pretty. However, besides being pretty, they don’t have much esoteric or spiritual value whatsoever. Therefore these types of decks may not be great for beginners as their imagery may be quite confusing for a lot of people. However, be open to experimenting as you may be one of the very intuitive readers who don’t need a very traditional deck. If this is the case, you can read the cards from your inner knowing or feeling. But if you are interested in a more structured learning process, then a traditional tarot deck is usually best.

Feel Of The Tarot Deck

When choosing a tarot deck, it is essential that you listen to your initial thoughts about how you feel about that specific tarot deck and how its energies feel. There are thousands of tarot decks, and they are not for everyone. It all depends on what your values in life are and who you are as a person. Try to find a tarot deck that in some way matches your lifestyle and views on life as that is usually the best way to find some common ground.

View Every Card Of The Tarot Deck

Before choosing a new tarot deck, I have found that by doing proper research about the tarot deck before I make my purchase works best. To do this, I try to discover as much information about a tarot deck I like as possible. I will either try to find images of every card online, visit a bookshop or watch flip throughs of tarot decks on youtube. This process can take some time but can be very useful. It allows you to view every detail on every card and help you determine whether you like the imagery. You will start to get a better idea of each tarot card meaning.

See how you feel about each card, what thoughts or emotions each card brings out in you. It may well be that the deck is pretty and colourful with exquisite images, but you are not connecting with it or are not getting anything out of it. If you feel, for instance, that you don’t like most cards, then that deck is probably not for you. Personally, for me to be comfortable with a specific deck, I have to be comfortable with it as a whole. If there is even the slightest doubt about anything, I walk away and don’t buy it.

Tarot Decks Have Different Uses

It is essential to be aware that different tarot decks have different uses. Some tarot decks may only work for you on your spiritual journey and may not be as effective when used on other people or clients. As you gain more experience and trust your intuition more, you will effortlessly know what can be the primary use of every deck that you have.

What Books Or Information Are Available

If you are interested in a particular tarot deck, see if you can find books that explain the imagery of each card. Some decks even come combined with excellent and detailed information booklets. While other decks may be so unusual and far from traditional tarot that you may find it impossible to find any additional information about the meanings of the cards.

Get To Know Your Tarot Deck

I have noticed that many beginners get stuck in the cycle of continuously trying to find a new tarot deck. They hope that maybe that next tarot deck will bring them that greater understanding or that element of mysticism. This cycle usually becomes an obstacle to learning tarot. Beginners don’t often devote the necessary time to get to know and master tarot decks that they already have. They buy a deck and then very quickly move on to their next tarot deck purchase without learning the previous tarot deck. That is why when you are beginning to read the tarot, it is essential to stick to a handful of different tarot decks at most. Get to know your tarot deck and spend time with it.

Research The Creator Of The Tarot Deck

Lastly, before I make my final decision about purchasing a tarot deck, I try to research the creator of the tarot deck. I have found that the tarot decks that I resonate with the most go side by side with the values that the creator of that tarot deck represent. And likewise, I have often found it very difficult to connect with a tarot deck if I don’t like the creator, their energy or the values that they represent.

I hope that this article gives you lots of tips and suggestions when considering how to choose a tarot deck.

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