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How To Choose An Attunement Founder

How To Choose An Attunement Founder

There are lots of considerations to make when choosing an attunement. It can be quite confusing to know where to start sometimes. When I purchase attunements that were created by someone other than myself, I always start by understanding who created the attunement. This is often overlooked when making an attunement choice. When selecting an attunement, it is essential to know who created it. The attunement founder created the attunement and as such, used their perspective, skills, knowledge and spiritual understandings. This is important to understand. Attunements are not all created equal, and not all attunement are from the light. The attunement is created using the energies associated with the founder. If the founder is not skilled or takes energetic and spiritual risks, this will be transferred to the attunement. What you find safe or appropriate may not be what the founder follows. Don't assume the energies are safe; always do your homework. Learning how to choose an attunement founder is an invaluable skill.

How To Choose An Attunement Founder

When I purchase an attunement that has been created by someone other than myself, I always run through the following steps. These steps help to make a more informed choice based on the founder of the attunement. The steps and others in addition to these help me ensure I protect myself from unsafe energies. They also ensure that I only teach and pass on the very best and safest attunements. The attunement founder is very important as it has a huge impact on the quality of the attunements and safety of the energies. I would recommend using these steps but always use your intuition in addition. 

1 - Attunement Topic Areas

Some founders specialise in specific areas of interest such as Ancient Egyptian, shamanic etc. This usually indicates an area of personal interest or expertise. However, look out for lots of attunements that seem to be very similar to each other. Sometimes where a founder creates a great many attunements of very similar nature may be a red flag. If a founder has not learnt a spiritual lesson, like all of us, they will keep repeating the same things until they learn. This is called spiritual stagnation. It is essential to avoid this as spiritual stagnation is detrimental to spiritual growth.

2 - The Energies Used In the Attunement

As mentioned, not all attunements are created equal. This includes the energies used in the attunement. There is a miss-truth in the energy healing community that Reiki cannot harm. This is not entirely true. All energy is directed by intention. So if the intention is not pure, the energies will not be pure.

There is also a growing trend in the attunement and energy healing community to combine energies with magic. Magic, like all energy, spans a vast spectrum of energies from pure white to very dark. There are some very well known attunement founders that started by practising dark magic. These attunement founders now combine the energies of dark magic with 'Reiki' in their attunements. If an attunement combines any magical energies that cause harm, control an outcome or the actions of someone, avoid at all costs. Be especially cautious of any love, money or relationship attunements. If a manual threatens any form of energetic and spiritual attack, avoid at all costs.

Lightworkers do not threaten, bully, attack, control, or seek solutions at all costs (using dark energies). Lightworkers work with light, and this should be what guides you in all your decisions, especially when choosing attunements.

I recently received an email from a well-known attunement founder. The attunement founder accused, judged, bullied, psychically attacked and cursed. It was such an insult to being a lightworker. I explained in no uncertain terms that this was not acceptable behaviour of a lightworker and removed the founder's attunements. I will never pass these attunements again. This is because the actions and energies of the founder will taint the attunement energies. It is essential to follow your intuition and remember you are a lightworker - never accept anything less than the premise of what a lightworker is. I want to stress that when I pass on attunements, I always ensure only energies of light are transferred.

3 - Attunement Founders Constant Drama

Attunement founders are human like all of us. This means they experience the highs and lows of life. In many ways, attunement founders experience more challenges, as spirit will constantly challenge - which brings about more profound learnings and spiritual growth. You need friction to grow and move forward. This aside, if an attunement founder is always living from crisis to crisis or drama to drama, it is essential to be cautious. This tends to suggest spiritual stagnation, which you should avoid. Remember, you will connect with the energies associated with the founder - the safety of which may be in doubt if they are always in a state of crisis. I want to stress though, that attunement founders are human and will experience ups and downs. I am referring to a lasting pattern that may suggest a problem with the energies.

4 - The Attunement Founder's Spirit Guides

When starting to work with energy healing, it can be exciting to learn about different concepts, views and practices. One, in particular, is that of spirit guides. All to often beginners, in particular, find the idea of spirit guides to be mystical and have a sense of authority. This sense of authority is often misplaced. This is because attunement founders who work sincerely with spirit know that spirit guides are guides; they are not directors. Spirit guides do not direct an attunement founder. They do not dictate what should happen or what should be included in an attunement. If a spirit guide is dictating, it is not a spirit guide. I want to stress this. Ask yourself, who is this 'spirit guide' that the attunement founder references? If it is not a spirit guide, then who is it? What could you be connecting with if you choose their attunement? You have no way in knowing if the attunement is safe and you should avoid.

If an attunement founder references a spirit guide to be a joint founder, be very cautious. If an attunement founder seems to be controlled by a spirit guide, where all decisions must be checked with the spirit guide, avoid at all costs. Look out for manuals and descriptions that detail mysterious light sources, guides, beings etc. without giving a clear explanation of what these energies are.

5 - Interacting With The Attunement Founder

An attunement founder is a lightworker. They are not perfect by any means but should strive to adhere to what a lightworker is. With this in mind, if you interact with an attunement founder and something feels off, then you should consider why this is. If the energies feel challenging, bullying, unfriendly or the communications are not respectful, then think if this is the type of energy you want to connect. I want to stress again; attunement founders are not perfect. We all have bad days. Sometimes attunement founders must speak their truth, which may not always be received well, despite their most sincere efforts.

If an attunement founder tries to control outcomes for you (timings, passing on attunements etc.), then consider if this is correct for you. Spirit always knows best, and it is not up to the attunement founder to strictly control what is right for you or not. They should provide you with information, but ultimately the choice should be yours to make.


Learning how to choose an attunement founder is essential when selecting attunements. Taking some time to research the founder can significantly reduce your chances of connecting with unsafe energies. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who works with attunements and wants to enhance their energy healing mastery.

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