Distant Attunements

How To Choose A Distant Attunement

How To Choose A Distant Attunement

It can be daunting selecting a distant attunement. Especially when there are similar distant attunements available.

Some attunements at first glance may appear very similar or have many different focus points. It can be challenging to know which attunement best suits your needs.

The following how to choose a distant attunement considerations aim to help you make more precise and more deliberate attunement selection choices.

They aim to give you confidence in your attunement selections.

These attunement selection considerations will assume you only want to work with energies of light.

How To Choose A Distant Attunement

Before I start, I want to touch on something important. Many lightworkers put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to their spiritual path.

Understandably, your spiritual path is important, but when perfection is saught, issues often arise. If you feel you must find the perfect solution, you are likely to be disappointed.

This is because you are a unique being. Your perceptions and current truth will determine your experiences. As your perceptions change with ongoing spiritual growth, your truth will change also.

This means what does not work for you now, is not a mistake. It does not necessarily mean it is detrimental to your spiritual path. If you use this as an opportunity to learn and discover, it will become a positive learning experience.

This then accelerates you on your spiritual path. There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.

I am mentioning this as I want you not to pressure yourself into perfection and having to select the perfect attunement.

The perfect attunement does not exist. You learn nothing from perfection.

So if an attunement does not work for you, don't judge this as a failure. Take it as an opportunity to question, discover and grow.

What do you want to achieve?

When selecting an attunement, it is essential to know what you want to achieve. Often you may have a rough idea of this, but it is important to be very clear.

List out what you want to achieve, with a primary focus point, with minor focus points to follow.

When clients ask me for attunement suggestions, which I love doing, it often becomes apparent that they are not clear what they want to achieve.

Spend time thinking about your primary focus requirement. Keep this in the forefront of your mind.

What is the primary aim of the attunement?

When you start your attunement selection, make sure you understand what its primary aim is.

This may sound easy; however, some attunements may cover multiple focus areas. This can make it challenging to know what the primary focus is if indeed, there is a primary focus.

If an attunement is not clear what the primary focus is, then this may not be the attunement to select at this stage. If an attunement does not clearly let you know what it aims to achieve, then do not choose it.

You may find an attunement that has multiple functions, one of which is something you want. This may still be beneficial. However, I would come back to this attunement if there are no others able to achieve what you want.

What energies does the attunement utilise?

Not all attunements are created equal. It is an unfortunate fact that some attunements do not always work with the light.

An attunement is just a method to connect you with specific energies; it does not guarantee that the energies are of the light.

With this in mind, it is essential to ensure you understand what energies the attunement will provide. Remember, the energies may also include symbols, beings etc.

If you are not sure, then it is best to question this further. If an attunement says it will connect you with the energies of a being, such as an angel or ascended master, then it is essential to question this also.

If the manual details the being and it doesn't feel right, then it is best to avoid.

Attunement founders have varying levels of awareness and protection practices. Don't assume that attunement founders are perfect or operate in the light.

How does the attunement work?

Once you understand what energies are used, you then need to consider how the attunement will work.

This means how you will work with the energies, what practices are required etc. Some attunements require long, complicated processes, often using symbols, multiple levels, extended time frames, rigid teachings etc.

You must select an attunement that works in a way that suits your views. If you do not like symbols, then do not choose an attunement that works with symbols at its core.

Much of this will be down to your preferences — some people like simple and easy to use attunements, while others like complicated rituals etc.

What attunement type?

You may want to select an attunement based on its type. There are a few different types of attunements, each with rough categories of how the energies work.

Maintenance Attunements - I founded Maintenance Attunements to maintain and enhance a positive energetic state. All are easy to use, energetically safe, activated by intention and raise your vibration. Additional focus areas are then added.

Dynamic Connections - Dynamic Connections are Maintenance Attunements that focus on providing a dynamic energetic connection to something. Dynamic connections are open-ended, safe and include 35 built-in functions for easy use.

Dynamic Empowerments - Dynamic Empowerments are safe, dynamic and advanced empowerment attunements. These unique attunements are safe, high vibration and bring in energies that adapt to your requirements at the time you activate them.

Even before you accept or activate a Dynamic Empowerment attunement, safety is built-in, as your vibration raises to ensure a safe scared space in which to work with the energies.

Empowerments - empowerment attunements also tend to be very simple to use and focus on one topic. Empowerments tend to work by empowering or bringing in energies into your energy bodies. This may be alongside clearing non-serving energies.

Modalities - modalities are your energy healing systems that tend to offer a complete system. They may have multiple levels, symbols, rituals etc.

Modalities usually are a little more complicated in the energies they access, how they work and their processes.

NiemakaihaReiki and seichim are good examples of modality attunements.

Who is the attunement founder?

Knowing who the founder of the attunement is, is essential. Each founder is unique, which means the attunements they create will represent the thoughts, intentions and energies they represent.

Like looking at a painting, you can often feel the energies of the artist. I mention this as it is essential not to assume that all attunement founders are of the light or practice safe energy healing practices.

Always find out who created the attunement and do your research. Find out what other attunements the founder has created. Look at the energies used, practices covered etc.

Are all the attunements the founder has created of the light? If just one attunement is not something you want to connect with, then perhaps consider avoiding to work with this founder.

You will connect with all the energies by association. Don't overlook or turn a blind eye to this. 

Where should you purchase your attunements?

An often overlooked attunement selection criteria are the websites where you will make your purchase.

An attunement does not exist in isolation. As mentioned above, you will be connected with the energies of the attunement founder by association.

You will also connect to the energies of the website and attunement provider where you make your purchase by association.

It is essential to review all the attunements they offer. If any attunements are not of the light (negative energy connections, teach psychic attack, promise superficial outcomes, black magic, spells, etc.), then you should consider avoiding this website.

It is not possible to turn a blind eye to dark attunements and not expect to have an energetic consequence.

Lightworkers work with light, so try and make sure you purchase your attunements from websites that work with light in all that they do.

Who will attune you?

Finally, you will need to consider who will attune you to your purchased attunement. Although this is the final step mentioned, this is extremely important to consider.

Attunements are energy tools that connect you with energies. The person who attunes you will connect with you energetically to attune you.

Ensure that this person is of the light and practices safe and ethical practices. The best way to check this is to look at the attunements the attuner teaches.

Read their blog to get an idea of their views, practices and feel their energies. If something does not feel right or directly conflicts a core belief of yours, then it may be best to find another attuner.

It is not worth the energetic consequences of connecting with someone who is not in alignment with your energies.

I hope that these considerations on how to choose a distant attunement help you make informed choices. You may be interested in the following top attunement lists:

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