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10 Attunements For Professional Energy Healers

10 Attunements For Professional Energy Healers

If you are a professional energy healer, give energy healing treatments, channel or create your own attunements, you will already be well versed with energy healing. Even though this may be the case, you may find that you may need assistance in specific areas or are looking for ways to speed up processes or enhance some of your practice.

10 Attunements For Professional Energy Healers

Attunements offer a great way to connect with particular energies, learn new skills or improve what you already practice. With this in mind, the following ten attunements for professional energy healers have been selected especially for you. These attunements all aim to provide effective and safe energy healing tools.

Angels Of Energy Healing Connection Maintenance Attunement

The Angels Of Energy Healing Connection Maintenance Attunement is a wonderful attunement that aims to connect you with the angels of energy healing energies. The angels of energy healing are angelic beings of light who support energy healers and energy healing. Their primary focus is on healing, support, boosting energy healing energies, protection, and spiritual development while working with energy healing.

Energy Healing Protection Maintenance Attunement

The Energy Healing Protection Maintenance Attunement aims to provide energetic protection for any energy healing, manifestation or spiritual work. This may include energetically protecting energy healing treatments, attunements, attunements creation, manifestation, energetic programs or tools etc. The energies aim to protect, prevent energetic theft, manipulation, deletion etc. They may also help bring to mind what practices you may need to review to ensure ongoing energetic protection.

Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to ensure that the attunement lineages you connect with are clean and supportive. This attunement also aims to remove negative energies, imprints, tracking etc - a must-have attunement.

Post Attunement Maintenance Attunement

The Post Attunement Maintenance Attunement aims to ensure your energies are healed and protected following the preparation or acceptance of an attunement. When you pass attunements, it may result in lingering energetic connections with clients or result in feeling unbalanced. This attunement aims to ensure your energies are protected, balanced and energetically maintained. This is a must-have attunement for anyone who regularly accepts or prepares attunements.

Sacred Etheric Star Tetrahedron Connection Maintenance Attunement

You should consider the Sacred Etheric Star Tetrahedron Connection Maintenance Attunement if you are working with clients focused on spiritual progression, enlightenment and are ready to take the next steps in their spiritual journey. This attunement may be a helpful tool to stimulate the next steps when a client is ready.

Soul Retrieval Maintenance Attunement

The Soul Retrieval Maintenance Attunement is not only a great addition to your energy healing practises but is an excellent addition to any client work. When activating the Soul Retrieval Maintenance Attunement energies in a client session, it works to ensure that the client's energies are complete. This provides an excellent base to start.

Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement

The Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement aims to expand and strengthen your energy channels allowing for more measured and constant energy flow. The channelled energies are raised in vibration to ensure better energetic protection, energy flow and effectiveness. This may result in faster and more effective healing treatments and attunement preparation.

Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement

The Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement is a wonderful attunement for any professional energy healer. You can use this attunement in person or by distance to clear negative energies from spaces and locations. Even if you are not doing a space clearing, these energies may be worth considering for any client work to clear non-serving energies surrounding clients. This may have a beneficial effect as it may assist in raising your client's vibration.

Centering Maintenance Attunement

The Centering Maintenance Attunement is an easy to use attunement that focuses on centering energies. This may be a great way to start and finish any client sessions as when your energies are centred; you may feel more comfortable and energetically present, making you more receptive to the treatment.

Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement

The Magic Spell Removal Maintenance Attunement is an attunement that may be very handy when working with many clients regularly or safely navigating the energy healing community. Unfortunately, some clients unintentionally create energetic drains, energy vampirism or even spells without realising. Some attunement founders and attunements are not always working with the light, and you should consider regular energetic protection and spell clearing.

I hope that these 10 attunements for professional energy healers give you some interesting attunements to consider. If you would like further suggestions, check out our energy tools for healers attunements category.

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