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10 Reasons Why Kundalini Seichim Is So Popular

10 Reasons Why Kundalini Seichim Is So Popular

Kundalini Seichim is one of the most popular energy healing systems available today. I created Kundalini Seichim to be extremely safe and be a complete and powerful energy healing system for healing and self-development.

Kundalini Seichim has a strong focus on raising your vibration, increased personal power, empowerment, compassion and spiritual development. Kundalini Seichim is unique in many ways, and I wanted to share with you 10 reasons why Kundalini Seichim is so popular.

10 Reasons Why Kundalini Seichim Is So Popular

1 - Kundalini Seichim Is Uncomplicated

Kundalini Seichim is uncomplicated to use, but don’t let this put you off. This is one reason why Kundalini Seichim is so effective as there are no symbols or complicated procedures. It is all about the energy which tends to lead to better outcomes.

There are three levels, each with an attunement. Despite this, there are no prerequisites to practice Kundalini Seichim. The energies build on each other, and you can even safely accept all three attunements simultaneously without having to wait days between accepting each attunement with any concern of overwhelming your energy bodies.

2 - Kundalini Seichim Is Straightforward

Kundalini Seichim is not only an uncomplicated system; it is also super easy to use. There are no hand positions, symbols or cumbersome processes to follow to activate the energies like many other energy systems.

I designed Kundalini Seichim to be activated by intention, and the energies will work. By deliberately making Kundalini Seichim straightforward to use, it removes all potential complications and hindrances to working with energies. Once attuned, you can use the energies straightaway without any need for unnecessary procedures.

3 - Kundalini Seichim Is Safe

Kundalini Seichim offers a safe way to work with your kundalini energies. There is no danger in over activating the kundalini or becoming overwhelmed energetically. There is a lot of fear-based information out there concerning kundalini activation. Kundalini energy is entirely safe, and Kundalini Seichim gives you many great tools to safely work with these energies.

Energetic safety is built into the very core of Kundalini Seichim. The energies of Kundalini Seichim do not connect with anything other than pure light benevolent energies. I created Kundalini Seichim using no guides, symbols or direct channelling, significantly increasing the system’s safety.

When you accept the attunements or activate the energies, the first thing that occurs is that your energetic vibration increases. Higher vibration energies naturally have the effect of ensuring high vibration light energies can activate. This is a significant advantage over other systems, as you always start accessing the Kundalini Seichim energies from an energetically safe and secure starting point.

4 - Kundalini Seichim Is Powerful Yet Gentle

There is often some fear about working with kundalini energy, which is usually unfounded. I deliberately created the Kundalini Seichim energies to be high vibration. While power is subjective, these high vibration energies are often perceived gently yet profoundly.

High vibration energies have the advantage of working deeply and over many layers, potentially resulting in increased spiritual awareness, clearing and enlightenment rather than short-lived localised clearing sensations. This prevents the energies from ever being overpowering or too strong. The energies of Kundalini Seichim are deliberately high vibration, inclusive and empowering; allowing you to always be in control.

5 - Kundalini Seichim Has 35 Built-In Functions

Kundalini Seichim includes 35 built-in functions. By having 35 built-in functions, Kundalini Seichim can be used straight away without any experience and makes working with the energies more straightforward.

A function is an energetic structure that allows for a quick and easy way to perform a task, making Kundalini Seichim very useful, especially for beginners. Your intention activates the functions. The functions boost confidence and remove concerns about whether you are doing things correctly.

The 35 built-in functions give you a broad scope of working with the Kundalini Seichim energies, including spiritual healing, chakra healing, protection etc. The 35 built-in functions are only a start though. You can add any function you wish, that may not be included, at any time by using your intention. You can be as creative as you like; there are no limits.

6 - Kundalini Seichim Has Open-Ended Attunements

The Kundalini Seichim attunements are open-ended. This means that you will always receive the energies you require at the exact time when you activate the energies. The energies will be what you need every time you use them.

The more you develop and grow spiritually, the energies will adapt, which is a considerable benefit over other types of attunements. This may result in receiving higher vibration energies or discovering new functions specifically for you. Due to the Kundalini Seichim attunements’ open-ended nature, there is no need to upgrade the energies.

7 - Kundalini Seichim Has An Easy Attunement Process

In keeping with the straightforward and uncomplicated nature of Kundalini Seichim, the attunement process is easy. If you ever want to attune someone to Kundalini Seichim, you will be amazed at just how easy and quick the process is.

Kundalini Seichim completely strips out any unnecessary parts, practices, and symbols often used in passing attunements, which tends to make the process very effective. Although the attunement process is straightforward, Kundalini Seichim is very adaptable, so you can use any attunement method you prefer.

8 - Kundalini Seichim Is Adaptable

The one thing I love about Kundalini Seichim is that it is so flexible and adaptable. You can use the energies on yourself, others, animals, objects etc. You can use the system in person or by distance.

You can use the 35 built-in functions or use the energies on anything you wish just by using your intention; there are no limits. The more you use the energies, the more you realise how flexible the energies are and how adaptable the uses can be.

Kundalini Seichim also works exceptionally well with all other energy healing systems and energies, especially maintenance attunements.

9 - Increased Intuition, Awareness And Compassion

Most people who work with Kundalini Seichim notice that, over time, their intuition increases. You may find that your overall awareness of your energies increases, allowing for moments of enlightenment concerning your spiritual development; boosting inner strength and compassion. You may also notice that new spiritual gifts become available to you, enhancing new insights, learnings, and discoveries.

10 - Kundalini Seichim Is A Perfect Foundation In Energy Healing

Kundalini Seichim, if worked with, may be able to provide you with a fantastic foundation in working with energies and expanding your intuition and spiritual growth. The 35 built-in functions give you an extensive range of energy healing tools and potential experiences.

Kundalini Seichim is a beautiful system to start with or is an excellent addition to any other energy healing systems you may be using. Its effectiveness, straightforwardness, and ease of use and many built-in functions make Kundalini Seichim one of the very best energy healings systems available.

Kundalini Seichim is a perfect Kundalini Reiki alternative or accompaniment.

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