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What Are Maintenance Attunements?

What Are Maintenance Attunements?

Attunements are excellent energetic tools that aim to support self-development and spiritual growth. There are many different attunements available, covering a bewildering array of topic areas and energy connections. It can be quite tricky choosing distant attunements because of this. I found that one area, in particular, was not being met. There were no specific, compelling or complete attunements that seemed to focus on the maintenance of energies, energy bodies or connections. With this in mind, I (Craig MacLennan, founder of Blissful Light) created and founded the maintenance attunement series of attunement ©. 

What Are Maintenance Attunements?

I created and founded maintenance attunements for regular use. Maintenance attunements aim to maintain harmonious, positive and high vibration energetic states. All maintenance attunements work to raise your vibration and then further functions are added to bring about the changes and benefits desired.

Maintenance attunements are very easy to work with, and all are activated by intention. I recommend that you add the maintenance attunements to your daily energetic practices and then activate the energies when you need them.

What Does Energetic Maintenance Mean?

The correct maintenance of energies, energy bodies and connections is essential. Maintenance refers to keeping your energies and energy bodies in a stable, high functioning, high vibration and harmonious state.

Effective maintenance reduces fluctuations, blockages and non-serving energies. Stability of your energies and energy bodies is essential for personal and spiritual development. Stability allows for a more consistent and robust energy flow, which leads to healthy energies and energy bodies. This may have an impact on well-being, vitality and enlightenment.

What Are The Benefits Of Maintenance Attunements?

All maintenance attunements may have the following benefits:

  • Open-ended attunements allowing for new functions to be found. This is a significant advantage as you can continue to use the energies as you grow and move forward.
  • Raise your vibration.
  • Easy energy activation by intention.
  • Advanced attunements but easy to use.
  • Empower and strengthen.
  • Daily use or as and when required.
  • Maintain harmonious, positive and high vibration energies.
  • Energetically safe and protected.
  • No external energies are channelled.
  • Work at the highest levels of energy.
  • Easy to combine into sequences.
  • Very flexible.
  • Offer great value for money.
  • No complicated procedures or rituals.
  • Easy to understand manuals.
  • Short lineages (me and you).
  • Clean, pure and direct energies.

    Recommended Maintenance Attunements

    Maintenance attunements cover a wide range of topic areas, energies, energy bodies and connections with all the commonality mentioned above. This familiarity allows for easy use and reduced knowledge requirements to work with the attunements. To get started, I recommend considering the following maintenance attunements. These maintenance attunements give a great starting point.

    View all maintenance attunements.

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