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What Are Maintenance Attunement Sequences?

What Are Maintenance Attunement Sequences?

I created maintenance attunements to be easy to use, with lots of built-in benefits, including being open-ended, raising your vibration and being extremely safe. Another significant advantage is that you can combine maintenance attunements, forming a maintenance attunement sequence.

What Are Maintenance Attunement Sequences?

A maintenance attunement sequence is a sequence of maintenance attunements that you activate in a specific order with the aim of focusing on a result or outcome. Combining maintenance attunements is deliberately easy to do, and all you require is your intention. The maintenance attunement sequences can be as general or as specific as you need.

How To Create A Maintenance Attunement Sequence

Maintenance attunements work with you and your energies. They honour your uniqueness and are open-ended, resulting in the potential of finding specific energetic functions that are unique to you. As such, there are no wrong ways of building a maintenance attunement sequence.

Each maintenance attunement has a focus; however, there will be more specific functions included, which you should consider when creating a maintenance attunement sequence. I encourage you to be flexible and creative.

For example, you may want to create a maintenance attunement sequence that you use daily to maintain energetically healthy energy bodies. As this maintenance attunement sequence is for daily use, you may only want to activate the maintenance attunement to activate all the energies rather than any specific functions. The maintenance attunement sequence may look like the following:

  1. Aura Maintenance Attunement - ‘Aura Maintenance ON!
  2. Chakra Maintenance Attunement - ‘Chakra Maintenance ON!
  3. Meridian Maintenance Attunement - ‘Meridian Maintenance ON!
  4. Kundalini Maintenance Attunement - ‘Kundalini Maintenance ON!

I recommend activating the energies individually with a gap of a few seconds between each attunement activation. If you choose to activate the energies simultaneously, you should be aware that any energetic feedback may be reduced or may not be clear.

If you wanted a more specific maintenance attunement sequence, you could specifically activate the energies to be more focused. As an example, you may want to focus specifically on clearing your energy bodies and expanding your energy channels. You may want to consider the following maintenance attunement sequence:

  1. Aura Maintenance Attunement - ‘Aura Clearing ON!
  2. Chakra Maintenance Attunement - ‘Chakra Clearing ON!
  3. Meridian Maintenance Attunement - ‘Meridian Clearing ON!
  4. Kundalini Maintenance Attunement - ‘Kundalini Clearing ON!
  5. Energy Channel Expansion Maintenance Attunement - ‘Energy Channel Expansion ON!

If clearing blockages was your focus, you might also want to include and activate the Blockages Clearing Maintenance Attunement.

Maintenance attunement sequences can be as short or as long as you need. You can use maintenance attunement sequences to structure an entire daily energy healing routine that may include energy bodies, energy healing protection, spiritual development etc. Maintenance attunement sequences have no limits, including being able to be activated simultaneously, so please be as creative and as flexible as you wish.

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