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Can You Activate Multiple Attunements Simultaneously?

Can You Activate Multiple Attunements Simultaneously?

Sometimes when you work on a specific focus area, you may find that you want to use different types of energies simultaneously. This may be due to various reasons, such as you feel it is necessary at that precise moment in time or perhaps you don’t have enough time. Irrespective of the reason, you may wonder if it is possible or advisable to activate multiple attunements simultaneously.

Can You Activate Multiple Attunements Simultaneously?

Attunements are energetic tools that remind you of specific energies. With this in mind, it is possible to activate multiple attunements at the same time.

There will be times where multiple attunement activations are necessary; however, I tend to avoid using this method all the time or as a default practice and you should not activate attunements simultaneously for the first time (preferably allowing 21 days to fully integrate the energies).

You should be aware of a few limitations of activating attunements simultaneously. You may reduce energetic feedback. This typically happens due to multiple energy streams running simultaneously, making it difficult to perceive energetic information. This, of course, will depend on the energies you are activating, though. As an example, high vibration energies tend to mask lower vibration energies. Although the lower vibration energies will still be activated and flowing, you may not be fully aware of the energies as the high vibration energies flow ‘over’ them.

You may also inadvertently be reducing your learning opportunities and, over time, trigger spiritual stagnation. It is essential to be constantly aware that energy healing is all about learning, discovering and growing. Anything that becomes a process without thought tends to reduce your ability to grow.

How To Activate Multiple Attunements Simultaneously

Once you have selected your attunements you want to activate, there are two main ways of activating multiple attunements simultaneously, both only requiring intention.

The first way is to set your intention to activate multiple attunements and use an intention statement and name each attunement one after the other. The following intention statement may be helpful:


The second way is to use your intention and mention each attunement, such as:


If you work with many attunements, the above method can become quite cumbersome due to all the names of the attunements you mention. If you find this to be the case, remember that all you need is intention. Try not to be overly focused on the name, but rather set an intention to activate the attunements that you wish whilst in a meditative state. This way, you are not focusing on the specific names as such, but rather in the flow, feeling the energies you need and allowing them to activate. This method is a little more advanced and does require practice but works perfectly.

I hope you enjoy activating your attunements!

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