What Is Spiritual Stagnation?

What Is Spiritual Stagnation?

When present, spiritual stagnation brings about sudden change to ensure spiritual realignment and the discovery of ignored spiritual discoveries.

Overcoming spiritual stagnation has many potential spiritual benefits if worked with correctly.

Spiritual stagnation gives you an excellent understanding of how truth, action, and change interact.

What Is Spiritual Stagnation?

Spiritual stagnation occurs when you resist life, no longer grow spiritually or restrict what is possible. This may result in forced change, which is often quick and painful.

In many ways, spiritual stagnation can be likened to spiritual roadblocks that force you to stop and take action.

In tarot, spiritual stagnation would be represented by the tower card. The tower card depicts a sudden and forced change, which takes you out of your comfort zone. Change where your only option is to go along with it to reduce pain caused by such a catastrophic change.

Initially, spiritual stagnancy invites apathy; however, inevitably, resisting change is no longer possible.

Spiritual stagnation can affect anyone, from masters and spiritual leaders to the person on the street.

The change that comes from spiritual stagnation is necessary. It seeks to bring you back into spiritual alignment, strengthen your spiritual walk, and present lessons that have yet to be learned.

Ultimately, your spiritual life purpose is to learn, grow and develop from all your experiences. Through these experiences and spiritual growth, you can bring healing and vitality to your life.

While spiritual stagnation may be uncomfortable, the process can bring you back in alignment with your spiritual path. In addition, it may strengthen your spiritual practice and bring about significant insights and spiritual awareness.

Causes Of Spiritual Stagnation

The primary cause of spiritual stagnation occurs when you resist life. This means you force outcomes that do not align with your truth. You may ignore your intuition, control outcomes and others, and make decisions that take you off your spiritual path.

You are an energy being who will have unique spiritual discoveries. There will be no one like you, past, present, or future. If you do not have the spiritual discovery, no one ever will.

Therefore, there is importance in gaining spiritual discoveries for your spiritual development. When you ignore this, spiritual stagnation occurs to try and bring you back to balance and gain insights.

Signs Of Spiritual Stagnation

The signs of spiritual stagnation are many and varied. You will experience signs of spiritual stagnation that are unique to you or often combined with other symptoms. The most common signs of spiritual stagnation are:

These are only a few signs that spiritual stagnation may be occurring.

How To Overcome Spiritual Stagnation

You may avoid spiritual stagnation if you learn, grow and discover from all your experiences.

There is only ever a journey and no destination, which means that you will always learn and grow. If you ever reach a point where you think you know all there is on your spiritual journey, then take a step back and reconsider this view.

If you are experiencing spiritual stagnation, remember it will pass, and the results can be outstanding if you learn and grow from them.

Use spiritual stagnation as a vehicle for self-development and increased personal power, vitality, spiritual maturity, and well-being. In addition, spiritual stagnation can be a spiritual blessing if you choose to work with it.

Five Essential Energy Healer Qualities

Following the five essential qualities of an energy healer is integral to being an energy healer. However, you do not need to be an energy healer to follow these qualities. They can be practiced by anyone.

These qualities are at the very core of energy healing and spiritual practice. The qualities are equality, empathy, change, discovery, and accountability. If you practice these qualities, you may avoid spiritual stagnation or heal it.

Question And Review

Often spiritual stagnation indicates that spiritual development opportunities have been missed or ignored. This means that you should take time to review your spiritual practice, especially if you feel you have done everything you can.

Question why you are in spiritual stagnation. You can do this by reflecting on specific spiritual stagnation symptoms. Question why this is and what may have brought it about. Look at what was occurring when the symptoms started in every area of your life to get further clues.

A beneficial energetic practice is to review the flow of energy. This energy audit may help you discover and understand why spiritual stagnation has occurred and how to prevent or heal it.

What Is Your Truth?

Your truth will change over time. If you are still holding on to a truth that is no longer in your alignment, you should review this.

As an example, if you became a Reiki Master many years ago and you still hold on to truths you once believed but know they no longer apply, you should review and change this.

You will have grown and gained many new insights and discoveries over the years, and your truth will have changed. So if you find yourself clinging to an outdated truth, consider why this is the case.

This may be a fear of change or not believing in your spiritual insights. You may be stubbornly aligned with another person's ideals and teachings that no longer align with you.

Attunements And Energy Healing

Attunements are energetic tools that may be beneficial in working with spiritual stagnation.

The Spiritual Stagnation Removal Maintenance Attunement aims to prevent and work through spiritual stagnation.

Attunements can't do the hard work and questioning that may be required. However, attunements may be able to support the process.

Daily Routines

If you have not done so, establishing a routine of energy healing and questioning on a daily basis is a beneficial practice.

A daily routine gives you more structure to better understand why and how to change what needs to be changed.

Your daily routine will be personal and may include energy healing, meditation, and quiet time to reflect.


Spiritual stagnation plays an essential part in spiritual development. It aims to bring you back into alignment with your truth and stay on your spiritual path.

While spiritual stagnation can be prevented, you may gain significant spiritual insight, enlightenment, and progress when you work with it.

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