What Are Energetic Imprints?

December 10, 2019 2 min read

What are energetic imprints?

Energetic imprints are energetic structures created when there is a strong release of emotional or mental energy. The imprint is a memory or recording of the energies that create it.

These energies are held in place by the imprinted structure and replay over and over again. Imprints are found in the area where they were created such as in the location (house, room, street etc.), on objects (money, second-hand goods, food etc.) or directly from someone (partner, colleagues, intense people around you etc.).

Also, imprints often store the memories of the event. The imprint is often replaying the events energetically on a continuous loop. This replay of energies has the potential of strengthening the imprint and sometimes makes it more challenging to be consciously aware of their presence as you may not have the time to perceive the energies before they repeat themselves.

There are three main ways you will probably come into contact with imprints.

Imprints from locations

Imprints are often energetic memories of the events that created them, and you can sometimes feel the past events as being stuck, continuously playing out in the energetics of the location. In many ways, you can think of imprints as energetic structures that record not only the energies that created them but also the event that lead to their creation. Imprints then continuously release these energies into the environment around them and replay the memories.

When you visit a location where there was an intense release of emotional and mental energy, and imprinting has occurred, it is possible that these non-serving energies then 'stick' to your energy bodies. The imprints have the potential to replay the memories within your energies, which can leave you feeling confused, drained and agitated.

Imprints from people

Sometimes when you are around people who have intense energy or are emotional or thinking non-serving things, these energies can imprint into your energy bodies. The imprints are a memory of the energies that created them and also may contain the thoughts that contributed to their creation.

Some imprints from people will be quite clear where they came from as often you will know when the imprint is occurring. Sometimes it will be far more subtle than this, and you won't know who's energies have imprinted on you. 

Imprints from objects

Any object that is subject to intense emotional or mental release may have the potential of being imprinted. Typically these objects are ones that are important to the person who imprints them as this seems to intensify the imprint. Any object can be imprinted such as money, antiques, second-hand books, jewellery etc. Naturally, older objects have more of a potential of being imprinted than new ones, but even new objects can be imprinted during the manufacturing process, transport and handling etc.

Imprint Removal Maintenance Attunement

You can remove energetic imprints with clear intention; however, for strong imprinting, this may take time. If you are looking for an easy to use energy healing tool to clear energetic imprints, you may want to consider the Imprint Removal Maintenance Attunement

If you are looking for an attunement to help space clear a location of all negative energies, you may be interested in the Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement.


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