Space Clearing

What Is Space Clearing? (Energy Healing For Your Home)

What Is Space Clearing? (Energy Healing For Your Home)

Space clearing aims to clear negative energies from your living space. It can be done by anyone and is particularly popular in energy healing and spiritual practices. The practice can be as simple or complex as you choose, depending on how you want to do it.

The process is flexible, and there are numerous ways to do space clearing. This makes space clearing ultimately a personal practice; however, there are some key aspects and tools to be aware of for best results.

What Is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is energy healing for your home, which has two primary aims; to remove negative energy and bring in positive energy.

Space clearing clears negative energies intending to create a happy, harmonious, positive energy in your space.

In addition to removing negative energies, space clearing also aims to bring in positive energies and energetically protect your space.

This may benefit from feeling more relaxed and happy and increased well-being and vitality. You may also find that relationships improve.

Space clearing can be applied to your home, property, garden, vehicle, office spaces, or even personal space outside the house.

Lightworkers and energy healers often use space clearing to create a sacred space. This is when you place a positive intention to not only clear and bring in positive energies but also allow for spiritual work or contemplation.

Negative energies that are cleared are any energies that are not positive, affirming, or uplifting. Often negative energies in a living space tend to be stagnant energy, where the energies are stuck, preventing them from being positive or energized.

Space clearing, at its essential, fundamental part, is an ancient practice. Traditional cultures are known to have aimed to remove negative energies from living spaces. However, most space clearing practices mix ancient and modern techniques that have changed and evolved over time.

Space clearing is a deeply personal practice of energy clearing from your living space. As such, I encourage you to always use the methods that resonate with you each time you do a space clearing.

Every space clearing may be different, and you should adapt to each situation for the best results.

Why Is Space Clearing Important?

Your living space is constantly being impacted by energy. If you consider the people in your space, the constant comings and goings, objects brought in, and energies expressed and consumed, you can get a good idea of the vast amount of energetic dynamism in a typical living space.

Your living space occupants' energies impact the energies of your space. For example, if someone has been in a bad mood, angry, or unpleasant, this may affect the room's energy.

Typically these negative energies are known as an energetic imprint, which attaches to objects and lingers in spaces.

If you bring objects into your space that are impacted by negative energies, this too can transfer to your space.

Regular space clearings aim to remove any energetic energies and restore more harmonious energy to your living space.

Why You Should Space Clear

You spend plenty of your time in your living space, and as such, the energy of your home is vital. You eat, sleep, socialize and relax in this space, meaning significant parts of your life are done in your living space.

It makes sense to ensure that the energies of your living space are harmonious. When the energies are clear and balanced, you may start your day at the best possible energetic starting point.

Space clearing is an essential practice for any energy healing or spiritual development work. Always clear your space of negative energies before and after you do any energy healing or spiritual practices. This may boost energetic protection and limit the consequences of negative energies.

How Do You Know If You Need To Space Clear?

Some of the most common ways of knowing if you need to do a space clearing are:

  • Your living space feels stressed or has heavy energy.
  • You experienced illness.
  • Relationship issues following a house move.
  • Constant arguments and sniping.
  • Your house feels energetically stale, cold, or sad.
  • Transient (spiritual) smell with no apparent source.
  • Your property looks dull for no apparent reason.
  • Previous negative occurrences happened on your property.

More often than not, it is good practice to do a space clearing after any significant change in your house.

In addition, some homes retain negative energy over a long period, which may impact your living space. As such, always consider a space clearing when you move into a new house.

When Should You Do A Space Clearing?

Space clearing can be done anytime when you feel the energies of your living space are out of balance. This is really best done regularly; however, there are times when space clearings should be considered.

If you move into a new home, you should do a space clearing before moving in. This aims to remove any negative energies or imprints left by the previous occupants. It also seeks to remove any energies associated with the stress of moving and create more harmonious energy for when you move into the home.

You should also consider space clearing when someone has been ill, following an argument, large gatherings, or any significant stress has been experienced.

You should do a space clearing before and after any energy healing or spiritual practice. This helps create an energetically harmonious state to do your work and ensures any non-serving energies have been cleared.

How Often Should You Do A Space Clearing?

Space clearing can be done whenever you feel there is a need to clear negative energies and restore harmonious energies in your living space.

With this in mind, it is advisable to do a space clearing on a regular basis to ensure harmonious energies.

I do a space clearing on a daily basis. I do this as energies are impacted by other energies, especially when working with clients. Doing a space clearing provides a beautiful, energetically clear space to do energy healing and spiritual work.

Once I have completed my energy healing work, I do another space clearing. This helps ensure no lingering negative energies from any energy healing that has taken place.

Aside from the space clearing process, the space clearing ritual is a great intention to set for completion and express gratitude.

Is Space Clearing A Ritual?

Space clearing can be a ritual if you want it to be. However, space clearing is a personal practice, meaning you can make it what you want it to be.

You may choose to do a space clearing as and when required, with nothing more than a focus on clearing negative energies.

However, you can also build space cleating into your daily life by doing it at a specific time or way and using particular objects. Space clearing as a ritual can be highly comforting and enhance your intentions for clearing your space and benefiting spiritual work.

Popular Space Clearing Tools

Space clearing tools are any items or actions you can take while doing a space clearing. The following space clearing tools, which include free options, are the most common space clearing tools.


Intention guides all energy healing, including space clearing. You can do a space-clearing without needing other tools by setting a clear intention to clear negative energies, bring in positive energies, and enhance a harmonious atmosphere.

Energy Healing

Energy healing and attunements, in particular, are popular ways of doing an energetic space clearing. This is because space-clearing attunements are structured energetic tools that bring in energies, especially to clear and harmonize your space. They are also easy to use and affordable.

You should consider the Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement for space clearing and maintaining a harmonious energetic space. 

We also provide a distant home space clearing session.


Clapping is a super easy way to clear stagnant energies. Just clap your hands where you want to clear energies, especially in corners of rooms.

Clapping can be combined with any other space-clearing tool.

Essential Oils

Essential oils bring a beautiful, natural scent to your home. Each oil will have a specific spiritual quality, which you may want to specially use depending on your requirement.

As an example, using rose oil is wonderful to raise the vibration and bring in qualities of love and romance.

Be mindful that some essential oils may be toxic to pets.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is the wood of a tree found in South America. It is commonly used in shamanic practice, space clearing, and removing negative energies.

The beautiful smell of the burning wood is very cleansing and an excellent addition to any space clearing or spiritual practice.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls, sometimes called sound bowls, can clear negative energies from spaces by vibrating at a particular pitch. The singing bowl is used by running a wooden baton around the rim of the singing bowl until a hum of noise can be heard. You will also feel the noise vibrate through your hands and into the space you are in.

With a bit of practice, you may start to find the perfect vibration for most space-clearing needs. The sound is also great for meditation.

Space Clearing With A Singing Bowl


A popular way to remove negative energies from a living space is by burning a smudge stick.

The most popular smudge sticks are made of white sage, the most common herb used. Other plants used in smudge sticks are cedar and lavender.

Sage sticks are leaves of sage that are combined. The sage bundle is wrapped around with string to keep its shape while it is lit.

Burning sage is very cleansing, not just for your living space. You can also blow the smoke over and around your aura to cleanse your energies.

burning sage smudge to clear your living space
Burning a sage smudge stick is a popular way to clear your living space of negative energy.

Clean And Tidy

It sounds obvious, but keeping your home clean and tidy is essential for space clearing. Ensure your home is well dusted and your furniture is moved from time to time.

Clearing clutter is one of the most beneficial actions you can take in space clearing. When you clear clutter from your living space, you prepare for a more thorough space clearing.


Salt is an ancient tool that has long been used to clear negative energies and also for energetic protection.

The most popular forms of salt are Epsom Salt, Himalayan salt lamps, and plain sea salt.

You can place salt in any location that may be prone to energetic stagnation or requires extra energetic protection. For example, if using sea salt granules, place them in a small bowl anywhere it may be necessary.


Some crystals are wonderful at clearing energy, protecting, and bringing in positive energy. Crystals can be placed wherever needed or held in your hand while you do a space clearing.

The most beneficial crystals for space clearing are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, and clear quartz.

Placing crystals around the house, especially in areas of high traffic and room corners, may be beneficial.

Feng Shui

The practice of feng shui is ancient. The premise is that you may be able to influence the energies of your living space by the positioning and location of the house, the physical objects and contents of the house, and in relation to the environment.

Feng Shui can be very complex and traditionally takes a long time to become an expert. There are some excellent guides to Feng Shui for novice practitioners, though.

Working with Feng Shui principles is often common sense and is a beautiful way to enhance energy healing practices.

Fresh Air And Natural Light

A free and easy-to-use tool for space clearing is simply letting in lots of fresh air and natural light into your living space.

It seems almost too simple, but by doing this, you will be amazed at how quickly you can clear an area and maintain ongoing harmonious energy.

How To Do A Space Clearing

The following recommended steps are the fundamental consideration for a space clearing.

You should always use your intuition and guidance as to what you feel you need to do each time you do a space clearing.

Your first step is to prepare. You should consider decluttering, removing objects, cleaning, dusting, etc.

sage smudge stick, amethyst crystals and a white candle
Prepare for your space clearing by getting your tools ready, such a sage smudge sticks, crystals, and candles.

Consider the flow of energy in your home. If there is stagnant energy, look at ways to prevent this. For example, consider opening windows, letting in natural light, moving furniture to enhance energy flow, etc.

Decide which tool you will use for the space clearing. If you do not have any tools, your preparation and focused intention are all you will need.

Start the space clearing in any location in your living space. Hold your intention to clear negative energies and bring in positive energies of love, light, and abundance. That the energies will be balanced and harmonious.

Ask for healing, clearing, guidance, and blessings if you work with angels or spirit guides. Archangel Michael, in particular, is a wonderful archangel to work with when doing any space clearing.

Repeat this intention, and use any tools in each area of your living space. Continue until the entire house is covered, including your property perimeter.

As an example, if you are using sage, you will set your intention and waft the sage smoke into every part of the area you are space clearing. Or, if you are using a crystal, set your intention and hold the crystal in every aspect of the area you are space clearing. Don't forget under beds and in corners.

Once complete, express your gratitude for the space clearing and ask for a loving, harmonious, and abundant blessing for the property.

Space Clearing In A House Share

Space clearing in a house share, or when you live with family, is more complicated than if your own the property yourself.

When you own your own home, you have far more control over who enters the property, objects brought in, and how the overall energies are balanced, cleared, etc.

In a house share, you do not have this control. Other people can come and go; you have no control over who can access the property, what is brought in, and the consequences of other people's energies.

This makes space clearing in shared accommodation much more challenging. In a shared house, space clearing needs to be seen as a constant practice, which will have limits.

Having a clear expectation of the possible limits is essential if you are to gain any potential space-clearing benefits.

You can't control other people. Without consent, you can't focus energies on other people, including their space. If you do, you are either psychic attacking or cursing. So enforcing your energetic will on others should always be avoided.

The best way to get around this is to focus on what you can control. Your room is probably the best starting point. Then perhaps hold an intention to assist the negative energy clearing in the broader space if it aligns with the higher self of everyone in the living space.


It is recommended to do regular space cleating, which you can incorporate into your daily activities. This is so you can keep your living space free of negative energies and full of positive, harmonious energies.

Space clearing is also an essential aspect of energy healing and spiritual practice. If you want to use energy healing to help with space clearing, you should consider space clearing attunements.

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