What Is Space Clearing?

July 21, 2020 3 min read

What Is Space Clearing?

A term you may find coming up from time to time in energy healing circles is space clearing. Space clearing is a term that may at first glans be a little vague and not give an immediate idea of what it fully entails. What is space clearing?

What Is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is the removal of negative energy from a space. Space can be a home, property, garden, vehicle or even personal space when outside of the house. Space clearing is energy healing for your living space.

Space clearing clears negative energies with the aim of creating a happy, harmonious and positive energy in your space. In addition to the removal of negative energies, space clearing also aims to bring in positive energies and energetically protect your space. The benefits of this may be feeling more relaxed, happy and increased well-being and vitality. You may also find that relationships improve. 

How Do You Know If You Need To Space Clear?

Some of the most common questions that suggest you may need a distant home space clearing are:

  • Does your property or environment feel stressed and or energetically dense?

  • Have you experienced illness or relationship issues following a house move?

  • Are you continually arguing in your home?

  • Does your home feel stale, cold, or sad?

  • Do you sense a threatening invisible presence?

  • Do you have a transient (spiritual) smell with no apparent source?

  • Does your property look dull for no apparent reason?

  • Has a previous negative occurrence or event happened in your property or your environment?

These could all be possible symptoms of negative energy that are affecting your home and living environment. Some homes retain this negative energy over a long period, which may then affect you and your family.

Intention And Space Clearing 

Intention is energy. You use intention when you think and cause or want to produce a result. Thought also creates your perception, which is how you create your realities. Intention can be a potent action, which can affect the energies of your home.

When you are not entirely in control of your thoughts or are indeed using specific and controlled intention, it can affect the energies of your home. It is often assumed that if you have non-serving energies in your home, they must have been sent to you by someone else or are due to external energies. This is not always the case. 

Be careful of what you think and wish for, especially when done intensely. It not only has consequences on others but, may have a direct non-serving effect on your well-being and vitality through the creation of an inharmonious and negative environment.

How To Keep Your Space Energetically Clear

There are a number of ways you can keep your home and space energetically clear of non-serving energies. A popular way is to smudge your home by burning sage. You may also find the 7 ways to keep your home energetically clear of interest.

There are also energy healing ways you can perform space clearing. The Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement aims to provide energetic tools to help you clear negative energies and create an energetically harmonious space.

If you want to do a space clearing on your business, you may want to consider the Business Space Clearing Maintenance Attunement.


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