Distant Attunements

Attunements: What To Do If You Have Tried Everything

Attunements: What To Do If You Have Tried Everything

Working with energy healing requires time to activate the energies and work through any discoveries, change, and take action.

However, sometimes you may work to try and achieve an energetic result over some time, perhaps years, to no avail.

This can be frustrating as you may feel you have done everything. However, in times like these, allowing at the very least a few months to work with the energies, there are steps that you should consider to try and resolve the issue.

Giving yourself lots of time to work through each step in the given order is essential, and not skipping any.

These steps can be used for working with attunements, energy healing, energetic protection, and spiritual development work.

It is also essential to remember that some aspects of energy healing and spiritual development are a lifetimes work, and not a quick fix.

1. Stop

If you are going around in circles and feel like you have tried everything and have been unable to find a resolution or appropriate result, it is essential to stop what you are doing and take a step back.

Don’t undertake any new energy healing practices. Instead, stop working with the energies you are currently working with, including practices, mantras, channeling, prayers, etc.

2. Acknowledge

It is crucial to acknowledge that what you have been doing has not worked. This is not an admission of failure; instead, you have not found the correct approach.

Repeating the same things has no benefit and may even be energetically harmful.

This process of acknowledgment aims to restore your empowerment. All experiences provide opportunities for growth and development, especially those that appear not beneficial at first.

Acknowledge that this experience may provide an opportunity in the future for profound spiritual evolution.

3. Consult

Consult your medical advisor if you are experiencing physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, especially if you cannot do regular daily tasks.

What you have been doing has not worked, so go back to the beginning, and that means you must start by consulting a medical advisor if this is the case.

Energy healing does not replace medical care; ignoring possible medical conditions or trying to explain them as spiritual symptoms may cause harm.

If you have had symptoms and have not found an energetic solution, you should consider these may be medical issues.

4. Prepare

Once you get the all-clear from your medical advisor (and follow their advice), set an intention that is open, appropriate, and in line with the highest outcomes.

Ensure that you are not trying to force an outcome, control how and when you should gain results, or play games with energy beings.

This may limit what is possible and even prevent energetic flow and healing.

Instead, you should ensure you have the appropriate expectations on what is possible and work with the 5 essential qualities of an energy healer as a starting point.

Energy healers should act like energy healers.

5. Remove

Do not work with, activate, or channel any energies or practice any energy healing and spiritual beliefs. It is also essential that you do not work with any spirit guides, call in angels, energy beings, etc.

This is vital if you want to avoid going around in circles. If you are constantly working with corrupted energies and don’t stop working with them, this may cause you not to find a solution.

Working with corrupted energies, disempowering beliefs, or spirit guides that dictate rather than give guidance can have a significant non-serving impact on your spiritual development and ability to move forward.

Stopping working with any energies, guides, beliefs, practices, etc., allows you to start investigating in a more thorough and structured way in the next step without any potential negative influence.

6. Investigate

Review every intention, thought, action, reaction, and energy. Then, take it very slowly, methodically, and honestly.

Do you have subtle intentions holding you back, not wanting change or believing you can’t move forward? Are your actions consistent with being an energy healer? If things don’t go your way, how do you react? Do you psychically attack?

As mentioned in step four, do you have appropriate expectations? Often when you feel you are unable to progress, this is due to having unrealistic expectations. This may be due to the work that is required, the desired outcome, or gaining results that are not possible or not in your alignment.

Review every attunement, energy, belief, expectation, practice, etc. Do not assume; always check and review.

This is not a blame game but a process of ensuring the energies match where you are now on your spiritual path. Do not work with any energies that aim to divide, disempower, attack, don’t feel right, etc.

Working with guides can have some energetic support, but it is not essential for spiritual development. So often, too much power is given to spirit guides who take energy, control and manipulate.

Never trust an energy being who suddenly appears and says they will help or just because you have worked with a spirit guide for a long time. It is essential to practice spiritual maturity on this.

If you work with a spirit guide because you want them to tell you what to do or they dictate what you should do, this is a red flag warning to stop working with them immediately.

Do not repeat any steps without spending a lot of time, effort, and determination trying to uncover any potential learning opportunities you may have missed.

When you avoid spiritual lessons, you may enter a state called spiritual stagnation, resulting in repeating specific lessons until learned.


Every experience is the opportunity to learn, grow and move forward. Often stopping and reevaluating is the chance to do so.

Remain open to every experience, avoid blame, have realistic expectations, and take things from the beginning methodically and slowly.

Then, even if you can't find the solution you want, you will find opportunities to grow.

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