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5 Essential Qualities Of An Energy Healer

5 Essential Qualities Of An Energy Healer

At its core, being an energy healer is remarkably straightforward - you want to work with energies to bring about change.

The energies you choose to work with will be unique to you, but will always consist in part of the energies within. This may be your emotional, mental, spiritual energies.

You will know that working with energies involves at its most basic, your clear intention. Again, emphasising that anyone can practise energy healing. There are absolutely no limits on who can practice. But what makes a great energy healer?

The following five essential qualities of an energy healer will identify five qualities that will turbocharge your energy healing potential.

5 Essential Qualities Of An Energy Healer

To be a great energy healer centres around core qualities. These qualities are based on the understanding that you are one with all and that there is no destination other than the path you are on.

Your spiritual life purpose is ultimately to discover spiritual lessons. These discoveries are what not only makes you unique but also what allows you to be in the flow.

This flow is the potential of the universe, where anything is possible, with intention. The anticipation and action you take always results in spiritual insights and discoveries, which accelerates you forward.

1 - Equality

Equality in energy healing is something not discussed very often, which is quite surprising. Why is it surprising? As an energy healer (lightworker), you acknowledge that you are one with all. You have the entire universe within.

Think about this for a moment. You are one with all. I love thinking about this.

If you are me and I am you, and we are all aspects of the divine, then how can we stand for anything that causes separation, judgement or inequality? Think about aspects of your life, views, beliefs etc. where any inequality may lurk.

This can be very subtle and often requires a long look in the mirror. If anything causes a 'me and them' or 'us and them' mentality, then this indicates that ego is in control and ego does not allow equality.

Always stand up for equality in your life and the energy healing community with kindness, love and resolve.

2 - Empathy

Empathy may sound like a strange core quality, as it is easy to assume an energy healer should be empathetic. However, empathy must start with you.

Are you kind, loving and supportive to yourself? This is important as if you do not show empathy to yourself; it becomes challenging to demonstrate genuine empathy to others.

Empathy is rooted in equality. If there are any beliefs of inequality, expressing empathy to all becomes impossible. You can't judge something as separate from you and show empathy.

I would point out that it is not your role as an energy healer to blindly try and help everyone. There will be times where you can't help someone energetically, and that is okay.

3 - Change

Being a great energy healer requires stamina, hard work and dedication. There is no destination, so if you ever think you have reached the pinnacle of your practice, think again.

There is always more to learn, discover and improve. Insight and spiritual growth require friction; there is very little you can learn when things are 'perfect'.

To gain moments of enlightenment, you need friction to bring situations, thoughts, emotions etc. that challenge you.

Life brings change which can either be painful or not, often depending on your viewpoint. A great energy healer will see change as an opportunity for accelerated growth.

You will know that the friction in life that change brings is a blessing. Yes, it will require hard work and energy to work through it, but this is where you may gain spiritual discoveries that change your life.

4 - Discovery

As mentioned at the start of this blog post, your core spiritual life path is to gain insights and discoveries. These discoveries are unique to you. There will be no one like you past, present or future.

This means that any spiritual discovery or insight you gain is unique. No one else can discover your spiritual insight. This is an inspiring thought.

Never shy away from working with change and looking within. They may lead to discoveries that fundamentally change your reality and that of the world around you. Change will bring spiritual insights and discoveries if you work with it.

5 - Accountability

Remember, these are qualities, so don't forget to cherish, value, and uphold them the best you can at all times. Never blindly accept anything that you have not questioned, experienced or discovered.

Most of all, if you are ever in doubt, let equality guide you.

Spiritually, if anything is divided, separated or painted as outright bad, broken, incomplete or evil or something is one way or no way, then this is a strong signal that something needs your attention.

If you are one with all, then there is no room for hate speech, vitriol, or separation. Love everyone as yourself, without judgment as that is what they are, an aspect of you.

Let your life, actions and spiritual practice be what you hold yourself accountable too.

Being an energy healer can be hard work, demanding and challenging, however, the benefits may be life-changing.

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