Energy Healing And Equality

Energy Healing And Equality

Lightworkers understand that we are all one; we are all connected. The saying ‘you have everything inside of you that you need’ is a reference to this. It indicates that you already have everything, energetically speaking, within you and you are part of everything around you. It is an inspiring thought. Lightworkers, although choosing to work with light, also understand that dark energies are part of light energies. Lightworkers know that you can’t separate or divide dark from light, as they are part of each other. That by judging dark as bad, you are causing separation, which is not part of oneness. When you judge something as not being part of you, you have judged it as not being part of oneness. This is an energetic separation. It is the opposite of what lightworkers strive to maintain. With this in mind, I wanted to discuss energy healing and equality. This topic is not discussed very often in our community, and I wanted to highlight things to consider.

Energy Healing And Equality

It is essential to understand that if you are one with all; we are all equal. Equality is the core of what it is to be a lightworker. As such, any misogyny, racism, sexism or homophobia is not part of being a lightworker. This is divisive, fear-based and hate-driven. It has no place in the lightworker community, and you must stand up for this in everything that you do.

Don’t allow the energetic division to be part of your spiritual practice and perceptions. Challenge your views about what equality and oneness mean. Always ask yourself if your thoughts, actions or spiritual practices are equality-based. I know this sounds obvious. However, there are beliefs in the energy healing community that do not support equality. The concept of soul mates that states that they can only be the opposite sex are entirely false. Take a step back and ask yourself, does this view stand up to ‘we are all one’? It certainly does not. Some ideas about feminine energies are so disempowering and divisive that they are misogynistic. I urge you to review your energy healing practices and beliefs regularly. Always ask yourself, do they divide or do they maintain ‘we are all one’? Is the core concept of that belief equality or division?

Equality Vs Tolerance

Often in our community, we hear about the need for tolerance. However, if you take a step back, you see that energetically, tolerance is divisive. If you tolerate something, you still judge it and cause energetic division from oneness through not accepting it as being part of you. Embrace equality and fully embrace your true self in oneness.

We are equal. We are all representations of the whole. As such, tolerance is not equality. While tolerance is far better than outward aggression and blatant intolerance, you should always strive for equality. This will ensure no separation from oneness and reduce any fear-based consequences.

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