What are energetic imprints?

What Are Energetic Imprints?

Energetic imprints are energetic structures created when there is a strong release of mental or emotional energy.

DefinitionsWhat is Reiki?

What Is Reiki? (Healing, Energy And Attunements)

Find out everything you need to know about Reiki, Reiki practice, Reiki attunements, and much more.

DefinitionsWhat Are Potential Attunements?

What Are Potential Attunements?

Potential Attunements are an advanced, cutting-edge type of attunement only available at Blissful Light.

DefinitionsWhat Are High Integration Attunements?

What Are High Integration Attunements?

I have created High Integration Attunements specifically for the high integration of energies with your energies and are intended for advanced spiritual and energetic practice. These advanced attun...

DefinitionsWhat Is Spiritual Energy?

What Is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual energy is the energy that is not explicitly associated with the functions of your energy bodies (aura, chakras, meridians, kundalini etc.). It is the energy of your being that is predomin...

DefinitionsWhat Is The Violet Flame?

What Is The Violet Flame?

There are many different understandings of what the violet flame is, depending on spiritual practice and viewpoint. I like to strip back the layers and focus on the core aspects. What Is The Violet...

DefinitionsWhat Are Lunar Energies?

What Are Lunar Energies?

Lunar energies are associated with the moon. These may be energetic connections directly with the moon, lunar cycles, spiritual teachings, qualities, consciousness etc. Lunar energies have a wide r...

DefinitionsWhat Is Gaia Shakti Energy?

What Is Gaia Shakti Energy?

Gaia is the goddess of planet earth. She permeates all life on our planet and is intricately linked to the planets consciousness, spiritual evolution, life and spiritual development. Our planet is ...

DefinitionsWhat Is Life Force Energy?

What Is Life Force Energy?

Life force energy is the energy of your being within your energy bodies. This is the energy within your aura, chakras, meridian, kundalini etc. The life force energy sustains you energetically and ...

DefinitionsWhat Is Blissful Light Energy?

What Is Blissful Light Energy?

Blissful Light energy personifies what Blissful Light is all about. Blissful Light energy is high vibration, harmonious, kind, loving, supportive, and nurturing, focusing on personal restoration, c...