What Are Dynamic Empowerments?

What Are Dynamic Empowerments?

Attunements are energy healing tools that aim to support you while you heal, learn, discover and move forward. There are several different types of attunements, usually based on how the attunement works. As an example, Maintenance Attunements aim to maintain a specific desired energetic state. With this in mind, what are Dynamic Empowerments?

What Are Dynamic Empowerments?

I created and founded (Craig MacLennan, founder of Blissful Light) Dynamic Empowerment attunements © which are a new, advanced and unique type of empowerment attunement. Dynamic Empowerment attunements aim to bring dynamic, safe, benevolent energies of light into you and your energy bodies to bring about the desired result. The energies aim to empower you and either replace, top-up or bring in new supportive healing energies.

The energies of Dynamic Empowerments are not a one-off use or a specific set of energies; they are dynamic. This means that the energies you receive will always be the energies you require at that moment in time that corresponds to the purpose of the Dynamic Empowerment. 

Dynamic Empowerments are safe and only connect with benevolent energies of light. When you activate a Dynamic Empowerment, your energies are raised in vibration first, which offers a safe environment to then accept or work with the energies. Energetic safety is built-in before you even access the Dynamic Empowerments energies.

Typically Dynamic Empowerment attunements are easy to use, straightforward and uncomplicated and make great additions to your daily energy healing routines. Dynamic Empowerment attunements focus on one topic area, and as such, the manuals are short, to the point and have clear and straightforward instructions. The energies are activated by intention and offer value for money if you are looking for safe energies, with uncomplicated procedures and simple, short descriptions and manuals.

What Are The Benefits Of Dynamic Empowerments?

All Dynamic Empowerments may have the following benefits:

  • Straightforward attunements.
  • Short manuals and to the point descriptions.
  • Clear and simple instructions.
  • No symbols or complicated procedures.
  • No-fuss and easy to use.
  • Activated by intention.
  • Energetically safe.
  • Value for money.
  • Learn and discover as you work with the energies.
  • Spiritual journey support.
  • Moments of enlightenment.
  • Raise your vibration.
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Recommended Dynamic Empowerment Attunements

One of the joys of working with Dynamic Empowerments, aside from the benefits mentioned above, is that they bring uniformity to working with energies which may cover a wide range of topic areas. With this in mind, I recommend the following Dynamic Empowerments:


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