Distant Attunements

Chasing The Same Attunement Experiences

Chasing The Same Attunement Experiences

The more you work with attunements, it becomes easy to fall into a routine. The routine may be how you prepare for the attunement, how you accept the attunement and your expected attunement acceptance experience.

Chasing The Same Attunement Experiences

Probably the most limiting way of working with attunements is when you set a strong expectation of the attunement acceptance experience. You end up chasing the same attunement experience in all the attunements you accept.

If the attunement acceptance does not match your previous experiences then there is a problem, and it did not work, or the energies are not for you and you move on to the next attunement to gain the same experience as you think you should have.

I often hear from clients that they can't wait to receive the attunement so they can feel a certain way, or have a specific sensation or experience. While excitement and anticipation can be a very healing thing, expectation can limit your attunement experience and reduce your potential moments of enlightenment and increase possible spiritual stagnation.

Attunements are energy healing support tools that aim to connect you with specific subtle energies. The attunement acceptance aims to provide the process where you connect with the energies. This means that the attunement, although essential, is not what you are seeking to achieve. You want to connect with the energies of the attunement so you can work with them, not the short and limited attunement experience itself.

I am certainly not diminishing the actual attunement experience. I am attempting to highlight the overall importance of its significance in the attunement process. Your primary focus should instead be on the experiences and discoveries of working with the energies when you activate them, not when you accept them.

Reduced Enlightenment

Chasing the same attunement experience will limit your discoveries and learning opportunities. Put another way; it limits your potential moments of enlightenment.

Not all attunement acceptances will be earth moving, life-changing experiences of experiencing subtle energies. Some will be subtle and some barely even perceived in the usual ways that you expect. This is not a problem, in many ways these attunement activation processes are the ones that provide the enlightenment, learnings and discoveries.

By embracing every attunement acceptance experience, you have the potential of maximising your enlightenment potential.

All Attunement Experiences Are Beneficial

All attunement experiences are beneficial if you always seek discoveries and don't miss or ignore learning opportunities. At the very least, attunement experiences that do not match your expectations make you stop and take note. This is never a bad thing in energy healing and spiritual work.

Question each attunement experience and see if you can uncover reasons why the experience may not have met your expectations. Then, question why you have these expectations. Dig deep and don't hold back in your questioning.

The reasons for chasing the same attunement experience will be as unique as you are, so be patient and kind with yourself while trying to gain any learning opportunities.


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