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Why It Is Important To Review Your Energy Healing Practices

Why It Is Important To Review Your Energy Healing Practices

With time you may become comfortable with your spiritual and energy healing views, beliefs, and practices. You like the familiarity, structure, and confidence of thinking you have mastered something or perhaps are good at something. These certainly can be good things. However, when you get stuck in this type of perception, you limit yourself and may reduce the energetic protection of your energy healing practices. This is why it is essential to review your energy healing practices.

Why It Is Important To Review Your Energy Healing Practices

Are you creating a defined and limited reality? Perhaps. When you focus on one way of perception and practice and stick to it rigidly, you are not only limiting yourself; you cause energetic consequences. Spiritual stagnation is when you feel you either know it all in a specific field or do not adapt your practices as you grow.

Energetics aside, who wants to be a spiritual and energy healing zombie moving from one step to the next without truly expanding your understanding and experience? Just doing steps because it is what you have always done or worse, what you have been told to do?

I know that the zombie reference is a little flippant, but it is meant to symbolise the thoughtless actions taken without actually experiencing, questioning and truly living. Most of us start our practices to discover, heal, grow and move forward in life. It is then ironic that many of us get stuck in a trap of our own practice creation :) Of course, this is extreme. However, it is often surprising how subtle this can be.

Hands up if you have stuck with the practices that you learned when you first started? Hands up again if you have reviewed those practices recently? I am sure I am not the only one with a hand up in the air from time to time! If the practices you first learn still work for you and you are aware of new and ongoing learnings, then that is fine. But if you are stuck in a practice rut then now is the time to review them.

Start by asking yourself, what do you want? I mean really want from your practice. What is your purpose? Does your practice truly reflect these? If so, is there anything that you can change to get a new perspective? A new discovery? A new insight?

Reviewing your energy healing and spiritual practices may have the following benefits:

  • Clear blockages
  • Learn spiritual lessons
  • Avoid spiritual stagnation
  • Reduce control and ego
  • Increase your vitality and well-being
  • Mental function increase
  • Learn new techniques
  • Increased experiences
  • New perceptions
  • Move forward in life
  • Increased personal power

Being a unique being, you change with every discovery which changes your perception. This means that the person you are now and how you perceive things is not the same as when you first started. It can’t be the same.

I want to challenge you to review your spiritual and energy healing practices, views, and perceptions. Do they truly reflect who you are, as a unique energy being who changes perception with every new learning, discovery, and experience? Is there anything that you can do to shake things up a little and take you out of your practice comfort zone?

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