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What’s In A Name? Your Name And Energy Healing

What’s In A Name? Your Name And Energy Healing

There is a lot of power behind a name. When you are born, your parents or guardians select a name that they feel best represents you. They also spend a lot of time choosing a name that they think they want for you in your life. Most names have a set meaning that has either been created from a specific word or have been created over time by the community.

In addition to these more universal energies associated with a name, your name will also have been empowered by your parents own projections. Projections of what they want for you, what they want you to be like, and also achieve in life and perhaps family expectations or outcomes.

What’s In A Name? Your Name And Energy Healing

There are multiple layers of energetic imprinting that are imbued into your name. These energies will be unique to you and resonate a specific vibration depending on the energies that are imbued in it. This can be both positive and negative. To illustrate this, here are five energetic imprint sources that are imbued into your name:


These are names that have significance in your associated culture. The names will have their importance and unique energies that each name carries.


The personal source of energetic imprinting of your name comes from meanings and associations that are personal to you. As an example, in some African cultures, names are selected that are seen at the time of your birth, such as Happy.


The familial sources of energetic imprinting of your name come from names given to you that are those of your relatives. Family names, in particular, can hold a lot of karmic energy and also create non-serving cords if the associations are not favourable.


The ancestral source of energetic imprinting of your name comes from your family's ancestral background. These energies and ancestral karma are imbued into your name.


The spiritual source of energetic imprinting of your name comes from spiritual and religious sources such as names of saints, deities or quality associated with spiritual or religious belief or practice. On the face of this, it may not seem like such a bad thing. But if you take a step back and look at the energies given to a spiritual name over thousands of years you may start to see a potential problem. Names that are associated with miracles are often the focus of prayer. The energies of hope, pain, desperation etc. are imprinted into the energies of the name. Now take these energies and multiply them by billions of believers over thousands of years. It is a vast potential imprint.

Your Life Experiences

A significant proportion of energy comes to you via your name. All energy that comes to you through your name can be imprinted on your name. Think about every interaction that has included the use of your name throughout your life. It will account for a vast amount of energetic interaction you have ever had. These energies can then imprint on your name.

How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Name

As with most energy healing practices, the focused intention is usually the easiest and most effective way to work with energy. Start by holding the intention of clearing any non-serving energies from each one of your names. Feel the energies clear and then vibrate as the energies clear. Imagine your name start to radiate and glow a bright white light that infiltrates every aspect associated with your name. At this point, you can then hold an intention to empower the name with supportive energies that match who you are at this point in your life. Hold this for as long as it feels appropriate. You can do this exercise as often as you like, and it can be included in your daily healing practices.

If you would like to use an energy healing system specifically designed to clear and empower both your birth and spiritual names, then you might want to consider the Spiritual Name Maintenance Attunement. The attunement also includes a tool that aims to help you find your current spiritual name.

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