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Kundalini attunements may be able to assist you in maintaining a healthy kundalini and gently expand it allowing it to awaken and rise. When the kundalini rises and expands upwards as you raise your vibration, you may be able to accelerate spiritual growth and gain more awareness and insights. Healthy and balanced kundalini is also essential for maintaining high levels of vitality and well-being. The Kundalini Maintenance Attunement aims to help in the healthy maintenance of your kundalini and is a good starting place when working to raise your kundalini.


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Kundalini Attunement Package
Kundalini Attunement Package Sale price$65.00 USD Regular price$91.00 USD
Kundalini Maintenance Attunement
Magic Of Light Kundalini Hekakaiha attunement
Kundalini Niemakaiha attunement
Kundalini Niemakaiha Sale price$26.00 USD
Apollo Seichim attunement
Apollo Seichim Sale price$26.00 USD
Top 10 Attunement
Kundalini Seichim attunements
Kundalini Seichim Sale price$26.00 USD
Discounted PackageSave $39.00
Kundalini Awakening Attunement Package
Kundalini Awakening Attunement Package Sale price$91.00 USD Regular price$130.00 USD
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Ultimate Money Kundalini Integration Enhancement Treatment
Kundalini 999 High Integration attunement
Kundalini 999 High Integration Sale price$26.00 USD
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Ultimate Aura Kundalini Integration Enhancement Treatment
Kundalini Purification Dynamic Empowerment attunement
Kundalini Strengthening Dynamic Empowerment
Kundalini Safeguard Dynamic Empowerment attunement

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