What Is Kundalini?

There are a few terms in energy healing and spirituality that conjure up an air of mystery — terms and concepts that seem to have different aspects depending on your viewpoint. Kundalini is one such term. A quick google search will bring up lots of ideas, suggestions and even terrible warnings about kundalini. So what is kundalini?

What Is Kundalini?

Stripping away beliefs and views passed down from spiritual practitioners, at its very core the kundalini is an energy body (structure) and forms part of your subtle body along with your chakras, auric layers, and meridians. We all have a kundalini.

Kundalini Movements

Your kundalini, like all other energy bodies, can shift and move depending on your vibration and spiritual progression. Your kundalini starts roughly in the perineum area, between the genitals and the anus, and a little up towards the base of the spine.

As you grow spiritually or raise your vibration, the kundalini starts to move towards the base of the spine and then, with time, moves up along the spine until eventually, it comes out of the crown chakra at the top of your head.

When kundalini energy rises, it moves with the characteristics or movements of a serpent. However, it does not just move up along the spine as a single unit. It flows more like many serpents up the spine.

Is Kundalini Energy Dangerous?

Your kundalini holds kundalini energy, which is the fundamental life force that is within you. This primordial energy is what directs the kundalini to move in an upwards movement along the spine.

There are many interpretations, depending on the origin or belief system, of what kundalini is, how it moves and what its characteristics are. Most teachings come with warnings of not opening the kundalini too fast, and this has brought with it a certain amount of fear.

The vast majority of us already have kundalini activity within us already. This has naturally occurred without any deliberate stimulation while suffering no ill effect. Kundalini energy is the fundamental life force, after all, so we would not be alive if it were not already active. There is no danger in working with these energies in a balanced way.

Why Stimulate The Kundalini?

Kundalini energy is healing, nurturing, enlightening and may play an essential part in spiritual growth and development. Although often overlooked, kundalini energy may also have a significant impact on strengthening and maintaining your sense of personal power resulting in better energetic protection and the ability to be more clear about your life.

Kundalini may be stimulated in many different ways through breath, visualisation, energy healing, raising your vibration, chanting, and other physical exercises practised in Yoga and Tantra. Some of the very best attunements to work with kundalini energy are Kundalini Maintenance AttunementKundalini Seichim and Kundalini 999 High Integration

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