10 Types Of Energetic Blockages
Energy Bodies

10 Types Of Energetic Blockages

The following 10 types of energetic blockages aim to give you a selection of energetic blockages to consider.

Energy BodiesWhat Are Meridians?

What Are Meridians?

Meridians are super energy highways that transport energy along an energetic distribution network in your body.

Energy BodiesWhat Is Kundalini? (Awakening, Energy And Benefits)

What Is Kundalini? (Awakening, Energy And Benefits)

Kundalini energy is healing, nurturing, and enlightening and may play an essential part in spiritual growth and development.

Energy BodiesWhat Are Energetic Implants?

What Are Energetic Implants?

Energetic implants are energy structures, which may be programmed, typically found in your energy bodies.

Energetic ProtectionEnergy Healing And Permanence

Energy Healing And Permanence

Energy healing and permanence or having constant energies is a topic that comes up from time to time. It is an interesting topic area as you are a dynamic energy being (doesn’t that sound great!). ...

Chakras10 Chakras You Need To Know

10 Chakras You Need To Know

Did you know that you have many hundreds of chakras (What Are Chakras?)? Some are large and have specific and important energetic functions for health, vitality, and well-being. While many of the s...

Energy BodiesHow Do You Know If You Are Ungrounded?

How Do You Know If You Are Ungrounded?

When you are grounded, you tend to be more vital with higher well-being levels. However, due to energies being in constant flow, it is easy to become unbalanced and ungrounded. How do you know if y...

DefinitionsWhat Does Grounding Mean?

What Does Grounding Mean?

I am sure you have heard similar statements: ‘She is so grounded and always seems so down to earth.’. This typically implies that you are centred, perhaps mindful. But what does grounding mean in a...

AuraHow To Read Your Aura

How To Read Your Aura

When you search how to read your aura (Why Do We Have An Aura?) online, you typically get the same old repetition of what you must see and what it invariably means. Usually, this is in the form of ...

AuraWhy Do We Have An Aura?

Why Do We Have An Aura?

The aura in a general sense is an energy field that permeates and surrounds your physical body. The aura is made up of distinct layers in much the same way as an onion has layers that extend out fr...