Are All Etheric Cords Negative?

Are All Etheric Cords Negative?

Healthy etheric cords are essential for our relationships and ways in which we interact with our surroundings. However, there are times when etheric cords can be non-serving. What this means is that they no longer just connect us positively with others, they actually start to be counterproductive.

A very easy way to check if you have been corded is if you can’t stop thinking of someone.

Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone, perhaps an ex, who is no longer in your life and was not very good for you? This could very well be down to the fact that there is still a cord between the two of you. You may try everything you can to stop thinking of this person but be unable to. This is because energetically you are still attached. You are still receiving energetic information from this person and vice versa.

Feeling drained may be a sign of non-serving etheric cords

There may also be times when you may feel drained when being around certain people. We have all been with people that leave us drained after being in their company. This can very often be attributed to cording, where the cord is not only exchanging energy but actually taking energy from us. A very easy way to check if you have been corded is if you can’t stop thinking of someone. If this is the case, there will be some cording activity. It may not be non-serving, but it will show there is cording activity.

10 Ways To Cut Etheric Cords And Prevent Them From Returning

So we can see that not all etheric cords are bad for you. Healthy etheric cords are essential for your well-being and life in general. But what can you do if you think you have a non-serving cord that is draining your vitality or where you can’t stop thinking of someone or can’t get over someone or something? You can look at energetically cutting the etheric cords. This can be done through many different ways. One way that is very effective is to ‘karate’ chop a few times over and away from your chest whilst holding the intention of cutting the cord.

Sometimes it is easier to ask someone to assist you as you take action and work through these suggestions. If you would like energetic assistance I offer distant Etheric Cord Cutting Treatments which help cut non-serving cords. If you would prefer to learn an energetic exercise yourself then you may be interested in the Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement which not only cuts non-serving cords but also helps maintain the optimal functioning of positive cords.


Etheric Cord Maintenance Attunement


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