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The Brachial Chakra And Bonding With Your Pet

The Brachial Chakra And Bonding With Your Pet

When I work on my pets, or the pets of my clients, I am often struck by just how similar their energy bodies are to ours. After all, our pets are energy beings just like us. They share many of the same energy structures and bodies that we have such as auric layers, chakras, and meridians. However, there is one difference that really stands out. They have a special chakra that humans do not have. The Brachial Chakra. This special chakra is connected with how your pet bonds with you.

By working with the Brachial Chakra you may be able to strengthen your connection with your pet.

The Brachial Chakra

The Brachial Chakra is a large chakra that is located within the chest area, set slightly back towards the shoulders. This chakra is very important to your pet's well-being. It brings in a lot of energy and is able to distribute these energies around their energy bodies. When this chakra is functioning optimally your pet not only manages to maintain high vitality but is also able to have a strong connection with you.

The Brachial Chakra is one of the key energetic structures that allows for strong connections between humans and animals. It is through this chakra, in part, that we energetically connect with our pets. If the Brachial Chakra is weak, structurally compromised or has a blockage their vitality and ability to connect with humans may reduce. This may often be energetically perceived as a slight pulsing of the chakra.

Working with and strengthening this chakra can be done very easily and requires no special energy healing training or skills. The following steps can be done on a daily basis or when you can. Experiment with these steps and use the ones that your pets responds to the most (they are just as unique as we are so will respond differently to different approaches). If your pet does not want their Brachial Chakra worked with, then you should not force it and respect its decision.

  1. Hold your pet close to your Heart Chakra as much as you can. Naturally this will be dependant on the size of your pet or it’s willingness to be that close to you. By holding your pet near your Heart Chakra you are connecting deep loving and compassionate energies with each other. Whilst connecting speak reassuringly to your pet. Tell it how much you love and care for it. Let the energies flow between you. By doing this regularly you will strengthen the Brachial Chakra and your pets connection with you.
  2. If you are unable to be physically close to your pet then simply use your intention to send loving energy out into your environment. Whilst doing this use your intention to connect with your pet. Do this in a loving and gentle way. If your pet is not happy for this to happen, then do not force it.
  3. Place your hands on either side of your pet’s shoulders. Connect with your pet and intend that the connection between you strengthens. Imagine that the Brachial Chakra increases in size and radiates warm loving energies.
  4. Whenever you bond with your pet hold the intention that The Brachial Chakra be cleared, balanced and repaired. That the chakra functions optimally. Whilst holding this intention send lots of loving and caring energy. The more you do this you may become aware of your pet responding to you and even be able to communicate with it much easier.

These are some of the ways you can work to connect with your pet and strengthen their Brachial Chakra. Experiment with these steps and if you come up with a different approach, try it and give it a go.

Brachial Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement

If you want to focus on energy healing specifically on the activation, clearing and repair of the brachial chakra, then you may want to consider the Brachial Chakra Activation Maintenance Attunement.

You may also want to consider learning energy healing techniques for animals to further strengthen your connection and techniques.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and I wish you and your pet much vitality and happy bonding. You may also like to read the blog post Should You Give Reiki Attunements To Pets And Animals?

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