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Should You Give Reiki Attunements To Your Pets And Animals?

Should You Give Reiki Attunements To Your Pets And Animals?

I love animals. I always have done, since a very early age. I grew up with a lot of pets and animals around me and was always pestering my parents for more pets. If I could have had a farm, I would have.

I had a strong bond with animals and found that I could calm stressed animals and connect and communicate with them in ways that often astounded the adults around me at the time.

I experienced and learnt that animals were natural healers and could bring comfort and support to those around them. So why should you give Reiki attunements to your pets and animals?

It is my firm belief that special animals come into your life at certain times too not only teach, but also to heal you.

I am sure any pet owner will know just how sensitive animals are to the energies around them such as stress, other people's emotions, separation anxiety, noise, changes in their environments etc.

I am also sure that you will be aware that with some encouragement, touch and soothing and calming actions you may be able to reduce their anxiety significantly. A lot can be said for the love and calm reassurance that pet owner give the pets.

This is a form of energy healing in the most basic sense. You are transferring calming, soothing, loving energies to your pet. They generally respond very well to this.

Have you noticed how your pets do the same for you? When you walk through the front door in the evening and are met with an excited pet that seems to match its energies then to suit yours?

If you are stressed, they may be more attentive and cuddle more as an example. They know when you are in need of comforting. The healing works in both directions.

Should You Give Reiki Attunements To Your Pets And Animals?

Reiki energy is often perceived as being very calming and is widely used as a stress reducer, and animals can sense this.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you will already know that animals and pets will often seek out a Reiki treatment. They will approach you, often sniff your hands and then in some cases even position themselves in such a way as to try and receive a treatment.

Cats are particularly good at this! You know when they want a Reiki treatment, they won’t leave you alone until they get one!

I have had many situations when stray cats, dogs, farmyard animals including horses, goats and donkeys and wild animals have actively sought out a Reiki treatment which is a very humbling experience.

The picture above is of me attuning a stray cat in Gibraltar. You can see how he positioned himself in such a way to receive the attunement. He held this position for a few minutes. Animals know when they want a treatment for their wellbeing.

Animals generally love and are receptive to receiving energy when they are in need of it. They are natural healers already and being attuned to Reiki allows them to not only heal themselves but the people they love and those around them more effectively.

It is my firm belief that special animals come into your life at certain times to not only teach but also to heal you. It is the animals own spiritual path to be able to do this, and it brings us so much love, joy, and healing to our own lives. It doesn't make sense not to attune animals to Reiki.

There is a lot to be said about free will, and this is very important with animals. All attunements must be done with their consent and must never be forced on them.

In most cases, it is very self-evident when they want an attunement and will often ask for the attunement directly.

What Are The Possible Benefits of Attuning Animals To Reiki?

Attuning your pets and animals to Reiki may have the following benefits for them and you:

  • All pets and animals have their own spiritual paths to follow. 
  • Attuning them to Reiki may help with their own spiritual development.
  • May be able to accelerate their own healing.
  • May be able to reduce recovery times after illness or surgery.
  • May help comfort elderly animals.
  • May bring a sense of love and purpose to abandoned and stray animals.
  • May assist in helping to reduce behavioural 'problems'.
  • May assists in strengthening their connection with humans (The Brachial Chakra And Bonding With Your Pet).
  • May assist shy animals to build confidence.

This is a non-exhaustive list, and most of the benefits that humans can receive from Reiki apply to animals too.

Of course, there are no guarantees that any of these possible benefits may be achieved.

If your pet or animal is ill or unwell, you must seek proper medical care from a vet before considering energy healing. Energy healing is in no way meant to replace medical care and diagnosis.

What Next?

If you are already a Reiki master and feel your pet would benefit from an attunement, and there is no objection from them, then you should consider passing the attunement.

If you are not a Reiki master then you may want to learn to become a Reiki Master and then give the attunement to your pet or, you can ask a Reiki Master do give the attunement to your pet for you.

There are also many other types of specific animal healing attunements may be of interest.

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