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Are Attunements Permanent?

Are Attunements Permanent?

If you had to ask any energy healing or Reiki masters are attunements permanent, you would receive a resounding yes! Attunements are permanent. But what does this mean?

Are Attunements Permanent?

What most energy healing masters mean by this is that once you have accepted the attunement, you do not need to have the same attunement again or require on-going attunements for that energy in the future. Once you have received that attunement, you will always have ‘access’ to that energy.

If Attunements Are Permanent, Can They Be Removed?

If you decide that you no longer want to be attuned to an attunement or to be able to use an energy modality, you can remove it.

I must stress though that if you want to de-attune yourself, you are de-attuning yourself from the lineage, symbols, functions etc. What you are not doing is removing the energies. Attunements provide a way to ‘access’ or ‘remember’ energies that are already part of you. Even though many practitioners talk about energies coming in etc., these energies are already part of you. This is because you already have all that is within you. It would not be possible to remove these energies that are part of you already. We are energy beings who are one with all.

If you remove the attunement, you will no longer be attuned to that energy, which means you can’t access it as quickly as before. It is essential to be 100% sure that you want to remove that attunement. Of course, if you change your mind, you can always receive the attunement from a Master who can attune you again.

If you have decided that an attunement is not for you all you have to do is use your intention and wholeheartedly ask for it to be removed and it will be removed. The recognition or ‘connection’ to that energy, any changes to your energy bodies and any functions, symbols etc. will be removed. 


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