Symbols In Energy Healing And Reiki

Symbols In Energy Healing And Reiki

Many energy healing modalities and systems incorporate symbols into their functions and ways of practice. There is often a sense of mystery and secrecy surrounding healing symbols. Sometimes as energy healings systems mature and inevitably change over time, different focuses and interpretations of how to use the symbols develop. I wanted to discuss some of the most common questions and misunderstandings about using symbols in energy healing and Reiki.

What are energy healing and Reiki symbols?

Symbols represent the energies they intend to activate or use. In other words, they are tools to make it easier for you to access a specific frequency range of energy which can then be used in a specific way.

As an example, if you wanted to amplify energy while using Usui Reiki, you may want to use the cho ku rei symbol. The cho ku rei symbolises the energies that allow you to amplify the Reiki energy. The cho ku rei, when used, automatically activates the Reiki energy frequencies that allow you to amplify the Reiki energy.

Symbols are great if you are visual by nature or prefer working with a more rigid structure of energy healing.

Why do we have energy healing and Reiki symbols?

Energy healing and Reiki symbols aim to make activating specific energy frequencies or energetic functions in healing modalities easier. Symbols are great for those who are visual and like to use the symbol rather than think about the underlying energies they activate.

Symbols are also great for anyone who likes working in a more structured way of energy healing. They may help amplify intention, particularly while passing an attunement.

Energy healing system founders tend to use symbols to help structure the system in a more easily understandable way. When you create an energy healing system it can often be quite complex to assign functions, levels and structures in a methodical and easy to understand way. Using symbols may help make this process easier.

Do I have to use energy healing and Reiki symbols?

No, you do not need to use energy healing and Reiki symbols. Symbols are just one way of activating specific energies. This means you can access the desired energy frequencies by other methods.

If you do not like energy healing symbols or don’t like visualisation, then the easiest way to activate all types of energy is to use your intention. This means that all you need to do is think what you want to do with the energy, feel it with emotion, and the energies will flow. It really is not any more complicated than this.

Must I draw the symbols perfectly or in a specific way?

No, if you choose to use symbols, they do not need to be perfect. Your intention will always be the most important form of activating energies. This means if you draw the symbol incorrectly, but intend the energies associated with the symbol to activate, the energies will activate.

This is the same for symbols that are taught to be drawn in a specific way or a specific sequence. If you get this wrong, but still hold the intention to activate the energies, the energies will activate perfectly.

If a symbol is very complicated or you are feeling like you just are not getting in quite right, it is absolutely fine to just visualise the symbol in your mind's eye. But, try not become overly stressed about getting symbols perfect, they are just tools. Your intention to activate the energies is what counts.

If you have learnt certain energy healing systems that teach symbols, or have been told the symbols must be perfect etc, then I urge you to experiment and try different ways of accessing energies. Symbols work for some, but they are not necessary. If they work for you, then that is great. If they do not or you want to try different ways of using energy, then try using intention. Intention will work perfectly.

How to attune to any symbol.

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