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How To Attune To Any Symbol

How To Attune To Any Symbol

Symbols are used in energy healing to focus energy, intention and practice. Symbols are tools that may make working with energies a little easier. Sometimes you may want to attune to the energies a specific symbol that resonates with you but is not part of an energy healing system you are already practising. In cases like this, you can still attune yourself to any symbol that you feel may be of benefit or has resonance with you to do so.

How To Attune To Any Symbol

Not everyone likes working with symbols (I am not a huge fan), but there are advantages to their use if it resonates with you. Symbols are not the only way to activate energies or to practice energy healing. They are only one way. Symbols are representations of energy. They are not the energy. With this in mind, you can attune to the energies that the symbol represents.

There are a few ways to attune yourself to symbols, with the following two ways being the easiest and most effective. Before I go into detail, it is important to mention that you should not just attune yourself to any random symbol. Again, I want to stress that symbols are representations of energy. This means the symbol may represent energies that may not be from the light. It is essential to do your research on what the symbol represents and always use your intuition. If something doesn't quite feel right, then walk away.

1. Intention Method

Probably the easiest way to attune to the energies represented by a symbol is through intention (what is intention?).

When you are sure that the energies a symbol represents are from the light, then focus on the symbol, and intend that you will connect with the positive light energies the symbol represents. Hold this intention for a while and if you can visualise, imagine that the energies connect with you.

Once complete, active the energies with intention, or by repeating the name of the symbol if it has a name, and then intend you are attuned to it.

The intention method is super easy but may require a little practise and confidence if you are new to energy healing.

Remember a symbol is just a representation of energy, so you only need to intend you connect to the energies the symbol represents.

2. Visualisation Method

Before I explain, it is important to be mindful of the fact that you are a unique being. So please feel free to amend anything I describe below to suit your needs.

  1. Visualise or have the symbol in front of you.
  2. Set an intention that you will only attune to positive light energies the symbol represents.
  3. Start to repeat the symbols name (if it has one) a few times, while intending that the energies build and you connect with the symbol, its meanings and energies. If the symbol does not have a name, then repeat what its function is while visualising or looking at the symbol.
  4. Once you feel you have established a good connection, visualise or intend that the symbol moves into your crown.
  5. At this point feel the energies of the symbol start to infuse with your energies.
  6. Slowly bring the symbol down into your head and then further down the spine until it reaches the centre of your body.
  7. Expand the symbol and its energies using visualisation or intention. Let the symbol and its energies fill your being.
  8. Hold this for as long as it feels right.
  9. Once you feel you have fully connected with the energies the symbol represents (this can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes), ground yourself and give thanks.
  10. Activate the energies the symbol represents by either stating its name or the energies/ function it aims to achieve. The energies should then run freely with a little practice.

These are only two ways to connect with the energies of a symbol. Try and follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to change these steps to suit you better. Always make sure you are connecting with positive light energies.


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