Top 10 New Tarot Deck Releases

Top 10 New Tarot Deck Releases

Each year new tarot decks are released, with so many different variations, artwork and themes. It can be a little confusing to select a tarot deck from the new releases. To make your choice a little easier, I have chosen my favourite top 10 new tarot deck releases on Amazon (this post contains Amazon affiliate links - please read our Disclaimer below) that I feel stand out above the other new releases. It is for this reason that I went back a few years to ensure that the very best new tarot decks have been included. I think these new tarot decks available on Amazon have the potential of becoming tarot deck classics with time.

Top 10 New Tarot Deck Releases

1. The Fountain Tarot 2015 *

The Fountain Tarot manages to successfully simplify the symbolism of tarot cards through its original artwork. The authors of this deck have used real people as models to create the stunning 79 cards. This is a unique tarot deck that draws you in and switches on your intuition.

2. John Bauer Tarot 2018 *

The John Bauer Tarot is a fairy tale/fantasy deck that uses the artwork of John Bauer who died in 1918 to form a tarot deck. If you are into fantasy and fairytales, you will love this deck as it teleports you into a dreamlike fantasy world. If you love art and especially the artwork of John Bauer, you will be in love with this deck as the creators have done a wonderful job with their selection of Bauer’s imagery.

3. Tarot In Wonderland 2018 *

This is another great new tarot deck which uses the theme of Alice In Wonderland to form a wonderful tarot deck filled with fantasy, mystery and magick. It also comes with a wonderful accompanying book that will be especially loved by Alice in Wonderland fans.

4. The Everyday Enchantment Tarot 2018 *

This is another deck from Poppy Palin who is also the author of Waking The Wild Spirit *. This Enchanted tarot deck helps to bring forth in its artwork the little things that are often overlooked in life and successfully manages to present the meanings of the tarot in a modern way that is even more accessible to all. This deck has a very warm and almost maternal feel and at the same time manages to show the tarot meanings based on situations that most of us will be able to identify with very well.

5. Spiritsong Tarot 2017 *

This is a tarot deck that is drawn with a unique and recognizable style. It mainly features animals on its 78 cards. This deck conveys the spiritual and almost shamanic-like world that surrounds us but is not seen to the naked eye. For this reason, this is a deck that can be great for working with shamanic and spiritual concepts and power animals.

6. Ostara Tarot 2017 *

The Ostara Tarot is another Celtic and Wicca themed deck that transports you into a fantasy world. This deck is very beautifully drawn and can be a great addition to your tarot collection if you are into those themes. This could also be a very good beginner deck if you want to break away from the traditional tarot depictions and meanings.

7. The Star Tarot 2017 *

The Star Tarot is a deck that is filled with incredible artwork that a lot of tarot lovers will be drawn too. These cards are very intuitive to use and have a very mystical/magical look and feel that a lot of people will appreciate. This is a perfect deck for spiritual journeying and deep inner work but also for working with nature and crystals.

8. The Green Witch Tarot 2015 *

The Green Witch Tarot is a deck with a very Celtic and almost Shamanic theme. It is a fantasy deck that is very nicely drawn and may be good for people that are interested in Wicca and into casting spells. This deck just like the Wildwood Tarot is based on the Wheel of the Year which is a nice addition to the already abundant tarot meanings.

9. Chrysalis Tarot 2014 *

The Chrysalis Tarot is a beautiful, lightly coloured and feminine in feel deck. This is another fantasy deck and may appeal to a lot of tarot readers that are into dreamy fairytale/Alice in Wonderland type of themes. This could be a very good deck to start tarot readings especially if you are new to the subject or are a little bit reserved regarding using the tarot as a spiritual tool.

10. The Linestrider Tarot 2016 *

The Linestrider Tarot deck is unique in its design as it features in a very simplistic way a stencilled design with a splash of watercolours to add that extra depth and feel. This could be a good beginner deck as the artwork is fairly easy to understand. If you like simplicity and at the same time an abundance of symbolism then this could be a perfect tarot deck to buy.

Special mention: Prisma Visions Tarot 2014 

I know that this is a top 10 new tarot deck releases list, but I wanted to add in another tarot deck that although does not make my list, is deserving of a very special mention.

The Prisma Visions Tarot is a surreal and unique tarot deck. Fourteen cards from each suite can be arranged in such a way that they tell a story and form a panoramic picture. This is a great deck if you are working on strengthening your intuition but also if you want to understand better the different relationships between the cards and how they all fit together.

I hope you enjoy this list of top 10 new tarot deck releases. If you would like further ideas, please check out the Top 10 Tarot Decks or the following tarot decks available on Amazon *.

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