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How Do You Know Which Attunements To Activate?

How Do You Know Which Attunements To Activate

It is very common the more you work with energy healing attunements that you accumulate and work with multiple different attunements and energies. This is very normal and is usually due to wanting to widen your experience of energies. The more attunements you work with you may find it confusing to know which energies to work with and in which order. How do you know which attunements to activate?

How Do You Know Which Attunements To Activate?

There is no set rule for this and will depend on what you want to achieve or what you are guided to do. Even if you know what you want to achieve, it is essential to remain flexible and follow any guidance you may receive, as this will always be the best approach.

As a rule of thumb, there are four primary stages to a treatment that may help you select the most appropriate attunements to activate.

1. Preparation.

Energetically prepare for your treatment. This entails typically clearing any negative energies from the environment you will be doing your treatment. Activate any attunements you work with that may remove negative energies from the environment. You may also want to activate attunements for protection and also attunements that work with the angelic realms and guides. Your focus should be on creating sacred space.

2. Beginning.

Once you have done your preparation, then start your treatment by activating attunements that may focus on clearing negative energies from your energy bodies (aura, chakras, meridians, kundalini, etc.). It is usually a good idea to work through your energy bodies systematically. Once complete then you may want to focus on clearing additional spiritual aspects such as karma, past lives, Akashic Records etc.

3. Healing.

The healing stage is usually about bringing in healing, nurturing and balancing energies. So consider activating attunements that work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels (often in that order). I like to let the energies flow and do their own thing, but you can use intention to direct the energies if you are working on something specific. You may also want to activate attunements that focus on more spiritual aspects concerning ascension, awakening, healing etc.

4. Completion.

Once the healing stage is complete, select attunements that bring the treatment to an end — energies that ground you, blessings and perhaps energies that clear any lingering energies cleared from your environment.

The suggestions of attunements to activate in each stage may change depending on what you are working on or wanting to achieve, so please be as flexible as possible.

What To Do If You Have Too Many Attunements To Choose From

If you work with a large number of different energy healing systems and attunements, it might not be possible to activate all the energies in one treatment (How To Activate Multiple Attunements In A Treatment). There would not be enough time to run through all the attunements. This is fine as often attunements come into our lives at specific times and then they are no longer needed.

You tend to find that they will reappear again when they are needed. Also, you may focus on specific focus areas, which means that other attunements and energies may not be required at this moment in time. So try not to worry about having to activate the energies every day.

It might be a good idea to view energy healing systems and attunements as tools. Some tools you will use every day, and some you will only use at specific times. Follow the suggestions above and be open to your intuition and the right energies will be selected when you need them.


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