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How To Use Multiple Attunements In A Treatment

How To Use Multiple Attunements In A Treatment

There are thousands of attunements, energy healing systems, empowerments, tools and practices. More often than not you will decide to work with many different types of attunements and energy healing systems. There are many reasons for this from wanting to expand your experience, curiosity, working on a specific focus in your life etc. I am a big fan of widening your experience as this is where discoveries tend to occur, which may lead to better insights, advanced awakening and a reduction in stagnation. With all this in mind, one common question for beginners, in particular, is, how to use multiple attunements in a treatment? I will show you possibly the easiest way to do this.

How To Use Multiple Attunements In A Treatment

The easiest and most effective way to activate and use different attunements in a treatment is to use intention. Intention is using your thought, with emotion (wholeheartedly wanting to activate the energies), to activate and ‘direct’ the energies to activate. It doesn't get much easier than this.

Select an attunement to start the treatment (How Do You Know Which Attunements To Activate?). Activate the energies either with intention or how you have learnt to work with that system.

When the energies are flowing select the next attunement, you want to activate, while the first energy healing systems energies are flowing in the background.

Once selected then use your intention to activate the energies (How To Activate Energies). As both energies are flowing, you may feel a slight shift in how the combined energies may feel - this is entirely normal.

Typically, I like to let the energies flow and do what they need to do, but you can use addition intention to direct the energies to do something specific like clear a particular non-serving energy etc.

To summarise, here is a list of steps:

  1. Activate the first attunement by using intention or the methods you were taught to activate the energies. Intention is the easiest way.
  2. Once the energies are flowing, select the next attunement you want to activate and include in your treatment. You may already know which attunement you want to add next or you can go with the flow and let your intuition select the most appropriate attunement.
  3. Activate the second attunements energies by using intention (think it with emotion - really want to activate the energies is enough). Using a simple activation statement can be helpful.
  4. Let the energies start to flow. You may feel the overall energies (the combined energies of the first and second system) shift slightly as the energies combine. This is normal.
  5. You may want to hold this for a few seconds or minutes and then move on to the next attunements energies you want to activate by repeating steps 3 and 4.
  6. Repeat this as often as you want, depending on how many systems you want to activate.

As with all energy healing, activating multiple attunements in a treatment will take a little practice. But before long, you will be able to work through these steps very quickly, and it will become second nature.

The more you practice, the less you will think about it and will find that you just spontaneously activate attunements without much forethought. This is the stage where you get out of the way of the energies and let them do their work which may result in deeper clearings, healings and discoveries.


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