What Are Attunements?

What are attunements? An attunement works on the understanding that everything is energy, including yourself. There are certain types of energies that are more beneficial for certain things such as energy ranges that are best for abundance, clearing chakras, reducing stress etc. We already have these energies as part of us (everything is energy, and we are all one), but may not be fully aware of or be skilled enough to access these specific energy ranges with the aim of bringing about a particular result. This is where attunements come in.

What Are Attunements?

An attunement is an energetic process that aims to allow you to remember, and access in the future, a range of energies by temporarily increasing these desired energy ranges within you that are already a part of you. It does this so you can remember these energies again and then more easily activate them in the future as you have been reminded of their frequencies.

Many energy healing practitioners speak about bringing in energies or transferring energies from one person to another. This is the typical language used to explain a perception or way of energies working or acting. However, as we are all one energetically, nothing is necessarily moving or being transferred as such. It is language being used to explain who is remembering the energy and who is setting the energy ranges to be remembered.

Attunements form an integral part of many different types of energy healing practices and are there to assist you in remembering and accessing different types of energies. This has the potential benefit of significantly accelerating your spiritual development and reducing your time in trying to access these energies yourself. However, attunements are tools, and should not be solely relied upon in any spiritual work. This is because the person who creates the attunement is typically only accessing a range of energies that they can access. It may not be all the energies available for that specific need, so always use an attunement as a starting point.

If you are ready to try an attunement, I recommend any of the attunements in the new to energy healing category. In particular, you may want to consider Blissful Light Reiki, which is a great introduction to energy healing.

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